Boot.ini in windows 7?

  Bazz2000 22:26 18 Apr 2012

Hi people, heres my problem, I have a dual boot windows 7 (never really used) and XP pro. I had a couple of crashes and i seem to have lost xp. I dont get any option to boot into xp now it just goes straight to win 7. I can access the xp partition and see all the files etc but dont know how to boot to it. If it was XP I would edit the boot.ini file to include the other operating system but I have no clue about how the equivelent is done in win 7. Basically, everything is where it should be but I cant boot to it. I also tried disconnecting the win 7 drive to try and force it to XP but that wouldnt let me as it said inaccesible resource or something like that. Many thanks guys

  Bazz2000 22:58 18 Apr 2012

Update: I have found the startup tab in control panel where boot.ini would be, but its only showing windows 7. Seems I need to rewrite this file so it includes the xp instilation.

  northumbria61 23:06 18 Apr 2012

Windows Vista/7 doesn't use boot.ini. You need a program download called EasyBCD to take control of your bootloader.

See here enter link description here (There is a link at the bottom left of page to download a Free version for limited non-commercial use)

This documentation tells you what it does and why you should use it - enter link description here

It is not a program I have used and I only have limited knowledge of it but I do know of friends that have successfully used it so for that reason I am unable to advise you any further. However the documentation appears to explain fully what you need to do.

  northumbria61 23:14 18 Apr 2012

This explains and may help you enter link description here (Also for Win 7)

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