Booting from XP CD to do a restore

  Pamy 14:29 05 Jul 2007

Hello everyone, Rawprawn advised someone in another thread to boot from the XP CD and try a restore. Could anyone including rawprawn elaberate on this procedure for me as this could be usefull if it worked

  Stuartli 15:14 05 Jul 2007

You presumably mean an XP Repair and this has to (normally) be done from a "proper" XP installation disk.

If you go into the Bios (on bootup press Del or whatever is needed to enter Setup).

When the Bios screen comes up you need to configure to boot from CD rather than a floppy (A) or whatever is listed.

Save and Exit with your XP disk in your drive and follow the instructions.

A good guide can be found at:

click here

Make sure that you keep pressing Install until you have the option to do a Repair (NOT Recovery Console); you will/may also need your product key handy.

  Stuartli 15:15 05 Jul 2007

An XP Repair usually retains all your settings, configuration etc but best to backup first just in case.

  Pamy 15:50 05 Jul 2007

Thanks Stuartli, but "repair" is not what I was refering too, have a look here.

click here

  rawprawn 16:14 05 Jul 2007

I meant boot from your CD to your desktop and then try and do a system restore. It may not always work, but it's worth a try.

  Pamy 16:23 05 Jul 2007

Hi rawprawn, so, can you explain in detail how to do that

  rawprawn 16:55 05 Jul 2007

I'm sorry,I thought that you could get to the desktop by hitting "Press any key to boot from cd"
but I see that you can only Install, repair, or go into the recovery console. I am confusing the XP CD with an acronis boot disc that I made which will take me to Acronis to restore. Sorry to have misled you.

  Pamy 17:01 05 Jul 2007

rawprawn, thanks, pity it cannot be done as this would have been very usefull.

  Stuartli 23:58 05 Jul 2007

>>but "repair" is not what I was refering too, have a look here.>>

I'm not a mind reader...:-)

  Pamy 08:43 06 Jul 2007

HI Stuartli, you should see a link to rawpraw's reply on someother PCA thread where he said "then try a restore".

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