Booting from a USB Floppy

  fi-fi-007 09:14 09 Aug 2005

Without going into a long saga I have managed to buy a pc with out a floppy drive (very clever wording of an advert on ebay!!)

I was wondering about buying a USB floppy drive which I could then use to set the PC up but I was wondering can you use them to boot from? I know how to change the boot sequence in the bios if that is needed.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 09 Aug 2005

It can be done but depends on the BIOS.

It might be easier to add an internal floppy drive - they cost less than a tenner and install with little trouble if the case will take it.

  fi-fi-007 10:04 09 Aug 2005

How would I know for sure if I could do it with the bios? If I go in should there be an option to boot from the USB ports?

I am not keen on adding a floppy - the PC has got a warrenty which will be invalidated if i open the case.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:52 09 Aug 2005

[quote] How would I know for sure if I could do it with the bios?[/quote]

Do you know the motherboard?
click here
will ID it for you.

  €dstowe 11:17 09 Aug 2005

None of my current PCs (17 of) have a floppy drive. I don't find I need one any more.

The BIOS is instructed to boot from CD - which it does.

  fi-fi-007 14:46 09 Aug 2005

I have yet to be able to get a PC to boot from the CD rom despite trying many times. Am I doing something wrong?

  Sethhaniel 15:22 09 Aug 2005

till after PC booted
my USB mouse & Keyboard dont work
till after initial startup -
so probably past boot before the floppy is recognised.

  €dstowe 15:29 09 Aug 2005

In your BIOS you should have an Advanced category. If you look in Advanced BIOS Features you should be able to find First, Second, Third boot device (perhaps more) which you can change to what you require by manipulating the up/down/sideways keys.

My detail might not be right for your motherboard but the general outline is.

  fi-fi-007 15:35 09 Aug 2005

Thanks for that I will have a look tonight....

  Graham ® 17:17 09 Aug 2005

You can boot from a USB...

click here

  Graham ® 17:22 09 Aug 2005

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