Booting SATA drive

  woodyr6 09:02 03 May 2004

I have just bought the components for a new machine. They include an ABIT motherboard (VT7) and an SATA hard disk. The machine posts fine. I cannot get Windows to recognise the HDD - it just says no disk installed. The motherboard comes with a floppy for SATA drives which i have put in the drive and pressed F6 at the appropriate time when starting the installation. It appears to take the data from the disk and then still fails to find the hdd at the next stage. What am i missing doing please?!

  powerless 09:21 03 May 2004

Manufacturer of hard drive is?

  woodyr6 09:23 03 May 2004

Seagate Barracuda

  sjp101 09:41 03 May 2004

Similar problem here, although I have a Gigabyte KT6001394 MB and a Hitachi Deskstar 720 80GB SATA150 do I need to make floppy diskettes? as well

  woodyr6 09:44 03 May 2004

I think you need to have a floppy - i have one with the mobo. I don't know however if ALL serial ata mobo's can boot from the ATA, or if you can only use them as secondary drives...? My mobo seems to have a RAID function as well.

  Pyrosoft 12:00 03 May 2004

set 1st boot device to CD Rom, then install windows putting the floppy disk with the SATA drivers in when it asks for them.

When it is all installed, set the 1st boot device to SCSI.

Then you will be able to boot from SATA

  Rayuk 12:04 03 May 2004

Is there either
1/Bios setting to enable sata
2/jumper on motherboard to do same

  GRFT 12:17 03 May 2004

I've just installed a SATA drive in my system, a Maxtor to a Asus A7V8X. It's now working fine as the 'C' drive, and and I only had to make adjustments to the Fasttrack BIOS and tell the system BIOS to boot from the SCUSI device (that bit puzzled me.) The SATA driver was installed AFTER Windows was installed, and from the Asus CD, not a floppy.

  temp003 13:48 03 May 2004

Read the motherboard manual about installing XP to and booting from SATA drive.

With most boards, when installing XP afresh to SATA drive, you need to press F6 then install driver from floppy (which you did).

When you say at the "next stage", it fails to find the hdd, do you mean the hdd was first detected, you were asked where to install, and you then format the SATA drive, files were copied to hard disk, and you need to restart. After this restart, no hdd was detected?

Or do you mean that you were never able to format hdd and XP Setup never managed to copy files to hdd?

If it is the former case, remember that at this "next stage", you need to boot from the hdd, even though the installation has not completed yet. Usually the choice for booting from SATA drive is SCSI (as everyone says above).

Try setting BIOS to boot from SCSI instead of hdds (for most people, the order floppy, CDROM, SCSI should do, but you can set SCSI as the first boot device).

If it is the latter case, that is, you never managed to get XP Setup to copy files to hdd, then you should check the driver again. If necessary download a new driver from the motherboard website and put it on a floppy, and try F6 again.

  notmeguv 13:55 03 May 2004

mine told me to copy the drivers from the cd rom that came with my motherbaord. when you press f6< it looks on the floppy for the driver at a specific address. i had to put it in a folder called xpdriver that was in a folder called windows drivers

  ensonricky 14:15 03 May 2004

I had similar problems myself using a Seagate drive and an Abit KD7G M/Board. The only way I was able to get round it was by creating a partition of about 8GB on Hard Disk during installation on which I loaded the operating system(XP Pro). Set your Bios to load from CD firstly then SATA drive secondly and instal SATA drivers using F6 when instructed as you have been doing. Using this method you will have to activate the Hard Disk partition not carrying the operating system. Do this by using the Help and Support feature from the XP Start Menu and typing in Disk Management and looking for Adding a New Disk.

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