booting up,monitor swtches off

  Neillbb 11:04 06 Feb 2005

I have just reloaded Windows ME, it worked for a short while, but now, when booting up, for some reason the monitor shuts down. Anyone out there can help me with problem.


  Diemmess 11:57 06 Feb 2005

Do you mean that from "cold" the computer lights up and makes the familiar noises but the monitor doesn't display anything at all?

If this is what happens and there are no warning bleeps from your computer it is likely that something has happened to the video card or the cable connection.

When there is a loose video card, the "handshake" between the computer and monitor does not occur and there will be a pattern of warning bleeps. ......... But if no signal arrives from the computer, then the monitor will go to standby.
Can you find a simple old card to substitute as a test?

  Neillbb 12:07 06 Feb 2005

The monitor does work up until the first show of Windows Me and then just switches off.

  FelixTCat 12:58 06 Feb 2005

Try booting into safe mode, then check Device Manager for problems.

If all works and seems well, delete the graphics card drivers and reboot.

  Diemmess 12:59 06 Feb 2005

That's better news. It suggests a software solution by making sure the power to standby controls in control panel and the display itself may somehow be switching to standby too quickly.

  Neillbb 13:33 06 Feb 2005

Not to sound too dumb, where will I find the graphics card so that I might delete it?

  FelixTCat 13:41 06 Feb 2005

Boot into Safe Mode, right click on My Computer, open Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Display adapters. Click on the + box and write down the name of the display adapter. Right-click on the name of the display adapter. Click on Delete.

Then close all the windows and reboot.

The computer should now boot into ME and it will say that it has found new hardware, a display adapter. Either let it load the drivers, or tell it not to and when booting is complete download new drivers for that adapter and install them.

  Neillbb 14:33 06 Feb 2005

Thanks everyone, your solutions and help worked a treat.


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