sexgodmcr 01:59 22 Jun 2003

My Seagate h/d recently went belly up on me for no apparent reason in my spare pc so as it was the only drive I had to take it out of the spare pc and put it into my main one as a slave drive so that I could install XP Pro on it. (The reason I had to do it this way is that my spare pc is somewhat old and would not allow me to boot from floppy and install xp that way)

However due to the fact that when I installed xp on it it was the g: drive in my main pc every time I try and start the spare pc it comes up with either 'error loading os' or 'os not found'. Does anyone know a way around this as it is driving me nuts!!

I know the os is installed correctly as I tested it before putting it back in its normal home.

  Joe McG 08:01 22 Jun 2003


your h/d will not boot up, as it has all the drivers loaded for your mobo etc, from your other p.c.

you could try booting with a win98 start-up floppy, and trying to upgrade the os.

  howard60 08:02 22 Jun 2003

have you reset the bios in the old pc to the hdd. As it has been altered [in the other machine] it may need to be set up again in the old pc. Also if you had it as a slave in the main pc it probably was not set up as a booting drive. This would need fdisk to change the drive fat but I believe this would wipe out xp and you would have to load it again - I may well be wrong.

  DieSse 11:56 22 Jun 2003

"my spare pc is somewhat old and would not allow me to boot from floppy and install xp..."

Are you sure you mean floppy here and not CD. Systems that can't boot from a floppy are unheard of.

If you can't boot from a CD, and need to boot from a floppy instaed to install XP, then you can get a set of XP setup floppies from click here

  sexgodmcr 12:15 22 Jun 2003

Sorry - when I said I can't boot from floppy I meant that I can't get that far as my pc starts to boot up and then you have to hold down the space bar to boot from a floppy but I can't get that far as it comes up with the error messages before I get that far

  DieSse 12:22 22 Jun 2003

Can you not go into the BIOS and tell it to boot from a floppy first - I seem to remember this has pretty much always been possible - then it never gets to look at the hard drive, so you can't get an error message.

OR have you got Disk Management software on the hard drive - which gives a whole different class of problem!

  sexgodmcr 14:37 22 Jun 2003

I got a message saying 'Disk Manager detected on drive 0,but Disk Manager is not running. If you are booting from a floppy, remove the floppy and reboot. Press and hold the spacebar key as your computer restarts. When prompted insert your boot floppy and continue booting.' This was displayed when I started the pc with the Partition Magic diskettes - if I don't use them I dont even get this far - aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh

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