Bootable copy of Disk - How?

  igr 11:13 03 Mar 2005

How do I make a bootable backup copy of my XP O/S disk?

  ACOLYTE 11:17 03 Mar 2005

Just copy the disk,it should boot after if you copyied it right.

  igr 11:24 03 Mar 2005

Only got one cd-r drive - can anybody take me through the process?

  ACOLYTE 11:33 03 Mar 2005

You only need the one,depending on what copy software you have,all you need do is open your copy software put the OS cd in the drive select copy it should then make an image of the disk then it should eject the OS disc and ask for a blank cd put that in and follow the onscreen prompts.

  igr 11:40 03 Mar 2005

Sorry, must be snow blindness! - got into my brain to use the right click copy, and forgot all about Nero!

  TomJerry 12:06 03 Mar 2005


  octal 13:07 03 Mar 2005
  Yoda Knight 13:11 03 Mar 2005

I quote:

"'compact disc'"


"When referring to the IT world, we use 'disk'"

So what is the answer then ??? ;)

  octal 13:28 03 Mar 2005

you takes your choice!

  Yoda Knight 13:30 03 Mar 2005

disck it is then ! lol :)

  kinger 13:40 03 Mar 2005

Thanks for that post. Very interesting.

I got to the site and couldn't come away for a while.

Or is that, awhile

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