Bootable CD wont work

  TommyRed 15:19 30 May 2004

Made a bootable XP installation CD from this thread click here but can't get it to work, any ideas? TR

  powerless 15:30 30 May 2004

Without reading it.

Have you configured the BIOS to boot from the CD?

  TommyRed 15:43 30 May 2004

The boot order in the BIOS is CD-ROM first, so I assume that's ok. BTW thanks for the Oz update for Spybot, worked a treat. TR

  TommyRed 16:47 30 May 2004


  BBez 17:13 30 May 2004

hi, right, built the EXACT same image and it also doesn't work on my LG-4040-B DVD-R drive but works on other machines on my LAN that only have a CD-Rom drive...

recheck that you have followed the instruction carefully as the guide is a bit misleading at parts...

  woodchip 17:20 30 May 2004

Will this work

Making bootable CDs
You will find basic information about bootable CDs based on the 'El Torito' standard in the section entitled 'Background'; this section only describes how to create a bootable CD with Nero.

Insert an empty CD into the recorder.
Start a new compilation by clicking on the appropriate button or the File menu and the command New.
Click the 'CD-ROM (Boot)' icon - the Boot tab is in front. Use the tabs to specify the attributes of the compilation, such as the name of the CD, different characteristics and restrictions.
In the upper section of the Boot tab (Source of boot image data) you can specify whether the template data for the bootable CD originate from a logical drive or a drive image files (refer to 'Template for making a bootable CD').
Note: If your preferred logical drive does not appear on the list of drives on this tab, this is because the drive is bigger than 640MB. This amount of data cannot fit on a CD so Nero does not display these drive in the list.

Please remember also that under Windows NT/2000/XP you must have administrator rights to access drives 'directly' which is absolutely essential for creating bootable CDs. This restricted direct drive access under Windows NT/2000/XP is a deliberate Microsoft feature designed to prevent hackers gaining access to confidential data of other users.

The lower part of the tab (expert settings) contains detailed settings for 'El Torito' standard compliant bootable CDs. These settings are normally grayed which indicates that Nero makes the right settings for you automatically. When an image file is entered as the source of the boot image, Nero cannot make the right settings automatically. If this is the case, or if you want to change the expert settings manually, you can enter all the parameters by hand. Activate the 'Enable expert settings' checkbox if required. You are of course now responsible for the CD working correctly later on.
Once you have selected your settings, click the New button on the right. You will now see the empty compilation window for CD. If a File Browser is not open yet you can open one by selecting New File Browser from the View menu or clicking the appropriate 'File Browser' icon. To specify that Nero is started with an open File Browser, check 'Start with File Browser' in the 'General' section on the File Browser tab (File -> Preferences).
Compile the required files with Drag&Drop by clicking on them in the File Browser and dragging them into the compilation window, or copy an image file.
Click on the Write CD button or select the Write CD command from the File menu to open the write dialog box. This option is only available when the compilation window is selected, as can be seen from the fact that the title bar is blue. If the File Browser is selected (and the title bar of the compilation window is therefore grayed) the option is not available and CD writing cannot be started. In this case click anywhere in the compilation window. The 'Write CD' dialog box now opens - it is the same as when creating a new compilation but the Burn tab is now in front.
In the 'Action' section activate the other check boxes you require in addition to the 'Write' check box. You will find more information about this section in 'The Burn tab'.
Caution: You must ensure that the 'Finalize CD' checkbox is not activated. Otherwise the CD will be write protected and no further writing is possible.

Click on the Burn button to start the burn process (or the simulation - depending on the chosen option). All the selected steps now run in sequence until writing is complete. You can monitor progress in a status window which shows the individual steps being logged as they are executed. A typical final message would be: 'Burn process was successful with 24x (3600 KB/s)'. The CD is then ejected. The messages shown can either be saved, printed or discarded. Close the window by clicking on the Discard or Close buttons.
You can now check what has been written to your new CD by inserting it again and clicking the 'CD Info' icon.

  TommyRed 19:33 30 May 2004

I reckon I missed the last part of the procedure off which makes it bootable. How exactly do I achieve this last part. The instructions are thus " Open a command prompt, go to d:\bcd (mine is c:\bcd) and run: For Win XP Home : bdc wxphome.
This will build the (bootable) ISO image and burn it to your recorder. I also haven't slipstreamed SP1 in as I don't know how. TR

  BBez 19:56 30 May 2004

just run these commands from the site:

For Windows XP Home edition: bcd wxphome.
For Windows XP Professional: bcd wxppro.

i printed the guide of for easier reading...

  BBez 20:04 30 May 2004

you need the service pack 1 then run:

For Windows XP Home edition: xpsp1_en_x86.exe -s:c:\bcd\cds\wxphome\files\

For Windows XP Professional: xpsp1_en_x86.exe -s:c:\bcd\cds\wxppro\files
i've changed the paths to c:\ so just cut and paste them into notepad for reference...

xpsp1_en_x86.exe is the name for XP SP1 and make sure you run it from the c:\bcd folder that you downloaded the package to...

  TommyRed 21:20 30 May 2004

I've got SP1 installed, but I don't understand what I'm supposed to be typing or how to run it from the c:\bcd folder, help. TR

  TommyRed 21:56 30 May 2004


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