Bootable AntiVirus for XP

  Taff36 15:44 14 Aug 2005

I have an XP computer that won`t boot into either XP or safe mode. It has been suggested that I use the recovery console and run fixmbr (Fix Master Boot Record) but Microsofts own information suggests that this won`t work if there is a virus in the MBR. I therefore need a Bootable Antivirus programme. Any ideas folks?

  VoG II 15:46 14 Aug 2005

Norton will boot from the CD - at least the 2005 version will.

  Technotiger 15:47 14 Aug 2005

Hi, if you have the XP CD then I would suggest that you try and boot direct from the CD, then opt for the Repair option.

Good luck.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:59 14 Aug 2005

I'm not so sure that the problem is caused by a virus (as in my other postings!).

Have you tried to fix the mbr yet?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:03 14 Aug 2005

Ultimate Boot CD - Overview
click here - Any good?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:03 14 Aug 2005

Avast! 7.7 for DOS - Free antivirus software download
click here

Maybe the bootable CD (eg Win XP) and this together.

  Taff36 16:14 14 Aug 2005

Sorry - Should have linked to my original thread click here

Dio - Great minds and all that! (Mine`s desperate at the moment) I`m downloading UBCD at the moment. The Avast! 7.7 for DOS would be good but I don`t know how to get to a DOS prompt. The fixmbr is where I want to get to but note the warning I posted on the other thread. This might make the partition unreadable.

  Taff36 16:17 14 Aug 2005

Here`s the link to the actual page with the warning - second paragraph click here "In addition, running Fdisk /mbr in MS-DOS on a system infected by an MBR virus that does not preserve or encrypt the original MBR partition table permanently prevents access to the lost partitions. "

  Diodorus Siculus 16:25 14 Aug 2005

OK - I see why you want to check it out!

The DOS version of Avast should help.

  DieSse 17:21 14 Aug 2005

A better plan may be to put your drive in a friends system, as a slave - and scan it with a full up-to-date AV. I've often taken this route with drives that probably have viruses, and it's worked well every time.

After the scan you can be pretty sure there are no visuses on your drive - much more so than with a bootable floppy AV version, which may be out of date and/or not have a full set of patterns.

  Taff36 17:43 14 Aug 2005

Forgot to mention - it`s a laptop. Don`t know how easy that is unless there is some sort of connector cable so I can attach it to PC as a slave.

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