boot up taking too long with IE7

  ray27 09:04 10 Jul 2007

Can any one explain what's happening now that I have installed IE7?
It seems to take forever booting up, about 3 minutes, and when it eventually does, the warning box in the right-hand corner comes up and tells me that the firewall is not turned on and to click this box to fix the problem .

Before you can do anything it then switches on the fire wall, and the last thing to happen is that the floppy light comes on very briefly and you can then proceed as normal.

On a couple of occasions it has booted up very quickly but the norm is about 3 minutes.

There is no problem after boot up but why is it taking so long? any help would be very gratefully received as usual Cheers Ray

  Taff™ 10:10 10 Jul 2007

Had something similar just after installing IE7 on one machine. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall IE7. Reboot and you should have reverted to IE6. Then go to Windows Update and re-install IE7. Check Windows updates for Optional Software updates, there should be a few for IE7. Do this at least twice because I seem to remember that there are updates for updates!!!

  ray27 12:41 10 Jul 2007

I have already uninstalled it and re-installed it three times but it is still the same and there are no upgrades for it when I check out the Windows Update I know 3 minutes is not very long but it seems for ever when you are just sitting there watching the desktop especially when it has started up OK on a couple of times

  Taff™ 13:25 10 Jul 2007

You could try disabling some of the unnescessary options in msconfig. (Start>Run and type msconfig) Look in the startup tab and deselect some of the programs you don`t need to run at start up. You can always start them manually. Remember to leave your AntiVirus turned on!

In my experience however the only way to get the start up times down to a reasonable time i.e. less than 2 minutes is a)A clean re-install of the OS and programs or b) Increase the amount of RAM in the machine. How much RAM have you got at the moment?

  birdface 15:33 10 Jul 2007

The next time you uninstall it in Add remove make sure windows up-dates is ticked at the top.When uninstalled Run C Cleaner turn off your Firewall and then re-install it.Your firewall will automatically start when re-booted.

  ray27 09:06 11 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone for the advice
I have found out that I can use the system , such as word etc, but its a bit slow
It seems that it is using all the clout to access the net.

I have 1 meg of mem and my system is a Pentium 3.2
I have tried all what you have said but its still the same I am left with 2 options , keep on using IE7 and put up with the delay in getting access to the net or reverting back to IE6 thanks for all the sound advice cheers Ray

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