boot up takes ages to load windows

  diesel1 22:34 28 Apr 2004

i have recently had a new hard drive installed as told old one had gone.since then when i try to start up on initital black screen it says "checking NVRAM... WAIT. Pri master :ua100-09 Samsung sv0411N " Then it waits ages before putting up another black screen which says"Sec master atapi incompatible" then it loads windows . any help any body please am new to this so please any advice?

  GaT7 22:59 28 Apr 2004

click here. Sorry couldn't be more specific!

  GaT7 23:02 28 Apr 2004

"NVRAM has nothing to do with your main memory. It stands for Non-Volatile Random Access Memory aka "The BIOS"

If someone told you to clear the NVRAM it would mean to reset the CMOS Jumper, take out the CMOS battery or restore the BIOS to factory defaults.

The option you want to look for in the BIOS is to enable "quick boot" or something along that lines so it does not count the memory at every cold boot. So check around for something simlar to that." Source - click here

"You can clear the NVRAM:

1. In a single page BIOS you need to turn the three lights on the keyboard on(CAPS,NUM,SCROLL) and then tap ALT+E and ALT+F to load defaults and clear NVRAM.There would be a beep sound everytime you press those keys.Then ESC to save changes and exit.

2. In a multiple page BIOS,go under Advanced tab and look for reset config data and change it to enable OR look for boot configuration and then reset config data enable. This would clear up your nvram." Source - click here

  woodchip 23:03 28 Apr 2004

cannot get any reaction from the link just white screen

  woodchip 23:05 28 Apr 2004

some times there is a little jumper near the motherboard battery to clear the cmos if it's a newish computer

  diesel1 23:27 28 Apr 2004

am on dial up so had to disconnect and reconnect altered bios to the defaults and now starting up great, many thanks for info and quick response greatly appreciated

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