GOBEEN 01:00 10 Jul 2003

1600XPAMD CPU...512SDRAM...ELITE MOBO.ALL EXTRAS.DVD/CDR.WEB/CAM.WIN XP/PRO.PARTITION MAGIC 8. WHEN I boot up I have a prob,the screen shows the usual fire up but when it gets there it says C/MOS battery low....C/MOS settings wrong,hit F1 TO SET UP or F2. to load settings and fire,but when I hit f2 the screen then pops up with
"MICROSOFT WINDOWS"the thing I want to do is make it fire up just as normal without all this daft hittting buttons,i've looked in regedit"very dodgy" and had a wee shufty around other things but not being one of they I/T.people I'm gitting to deep,can anybody in step by step sort me out please, GOBEEN,t/anks for now.

  AndySD 01:21 10 Jul 2003

The first thing to do is to boot into the BIOS/ Setup and check the date is correct.

It may be that the cmos battery needs changing as it could be flat. Look on the Motherboard and take down the battery number and buy and fit a new one.... they only cost a couple of pounds.

  GOBEEN 01:25 10 Jul 2003

THANKS andy I changed the battery and all was fine a few times,but dddding it went back to the same thing again,must be one of them cyber spooks, GOB.

  AndySD 01:32 10 Jul 2003

You may have damaged the Master Boot Record of even got a virus..... have you run an up to date virus checker?

As for the boot options boot with the XP cd and choose the Repair Console at the command promp type in


hit enter and see if it solves it.

  GOBEEN 01:35 10 Jul 2003

THANKS Andy the most obvious is true you dont see I will try that ,thanks kindly for your help,GOB.

  hugh-265156 01:45 10 Jul 2003

try fdisk /mbr as a command

for partition magic help go to click here

  AndySD 01:51 10 Jul 2003

Unfortunatly fdisk /mbr doent work with XP you need to go into the Repair Console and use the command


click here but there is a serious warning with this...

WARNING: This command can damage your partition tables if a virus is present or a hardware problem exists. Using this command can result in inaccessible partitions. Microsoft recommends that you run antivirus software before you use this command.

  GOBEEN 01:57 10 Jul 2003

OH I wont be tryin any of that, hell I might blow meself up,and somebody will drink my home brew potcheen,god forbid, GOB

  hugh-265156 02:00 10 Jul 2003

Unfortunatly fdisk /mbr doent work with XP

well i did it last week after messing things up dual booting with mandrake?

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