boot sequence stating diskette not present

  aine 12:44 01 May 2008

I have refitted a floppy drive, on boot up the pc states diskette 0 failure, press F1 to continue. The computer recognises the floppy, but puts it first on the list in my computer. in set up I have put it 3rd on that list, but it still reads "Not present". Could some kind sole please help, everything works OK but it is a nuisance having to press F1 everytime. Many thanks Aine

  Ditch999 12:51 01 May 2008

Is the cable on the right way round?

  ened 13:15 01 May 2008

Go into the BIOS and change the Boot Sequence.

  aine 14:32 01 May 2008

thanks for your quick replies.
Ditch999, I assume the cables are correct, because if I click on floppy in my computer, it asks for a disk a:drive. The sequence shown in my computer reads, drive a, drive c, drive d.

Ened boot setup screen, 1 bootsble HD
2 onboard CD-rom
3 onboard Floppy not present
4non integrated NIC not present
5 USB FDD not present
6 USB ZIP not present
7 USB CD ROM not present
8 USB Device not present

Diskette Drive set to internal enabled, should this be set enabled and read only?

I hope this explains this problem better, is the boot sequence set properly?

  aine 16:10 01 May 2008


  ened 16:41 01 May 2008

When you put a floppy in does it read /write to it?

  Ditch999 16:57 01 May 2008

Quickboot must be enabled in BIOS and that is why it goes to floppy all the time. It would need to be disabled, but I dont understand why the Floppy is not on the list of boot devices. As ened asks, can you read and write to a floppy disk if you put one in?

  aine 17:07 01 May 2008

I put a disc in, after the PC told me to. all it did was search nothing else happened. I did notice that there is no light on the floppy front cover. Is this the problem/

  Ditch999 17:09 01 May 2008

Cables in the wrong way round?

  ened 17:16 01 May 2008

If the light is not on it would suggest it is not getting any power.

  Ditch999 17:18 01 May 2008

Correct. click here
Note the floppy cable has a twisted section just before it goes into the drive and the orientation of the power cable - red to outside.

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