boot from second drive?

  stingray 17:34 23 Oct 2006

Have installed a second hard drive which is recognised in my computer It already has win xp installed on it can I boot from this drive as well as my first drive which also runs xp and if so how.

  Technotiger 17:55 23 Oct 2006

Hi, settings in the BIOS define the bootable drives, and the order in which the system looks for the bootable drive. I think it is a case of booting from one or the other, but not, one as-well-as the other - if that makes sense!

  Ray5776 18:57 23 Oct 2006

Enter the Bios on starting and select the second drive as your first boot device.

  stingray 15:57 27 Oct 2006

Hi guys thanks for your help I have made this drive first boot device but it seems to ignore this and boot from my main drive anyway perhaps the windows installation on the second drive is corrupt? I suppose I could unplug my main drive and make the other the master do you think that would prove wether or not it will work, or if you have any other ideas I would be grateful.

  Ray5776 17:47 27 Oct 2006

hi stingray, I would give it a try, nothing to lose and would give us some more clues whatever the result.

  ed-0 18:56 27 Oct 2006

Do what we used to do years ago.

You decide which drive you want to use.

If it is not the designated hard drive ( main drive ).

You then enter the bios and you select the main drive ( usually primary master ). You set this perimeter to none. save and exit.

The computer reboots and does not see the first drive, so searches for the next drive and boots from this.

  stingray 19:14 29 Oct 2006

ed-o Thanks tried everything to no avail so physically set drive as master and still would not boot.Formatted and installed windows to this drive which works perfectly well.Put them both back in on cable select with the newley formatted drive on the grey plug as slave.Still no matter what I do in the bios it finds the master and boots from it. Did I read somewhere that some computers cannot switch between drives only by physically altering them on the ribbon?

  ed-0 19:44 29 Oct 2006

It's best to have your main operating system hard drive set to master and the second operating system set to slave.

You can then switch off which ever drive you are not using in the bios. It should then boot from that drive. Try it that way.

" set drive as master and still would not boot.Formatted and installed windows to this drive which works perfectly well. "

That was probably because the hard drive has come from a different hard drive. usually a windows repair will get it going. It would be unusually for it to boot straight into windows.

  stingray 21:51 06 Nov 2006

Hi sorry for the delay but I have been away. O.k have now got my second drive as a clone of my master, once again if it is set as master no probs. But setting it up as slave with my main drive as master and setting the bios to not detect my main drive,it will not boot, with an error message, "disc failure please insert system disc".
However, and this is what baffles me, if I pull the power plug out of the master drive and restart the second drive boots into windows without any problems but surely there must be a better way?

  ed-0 22:23 06 Nov 2006

Do you know the make and model of motherboard. We can then check the bios for you.

Are you using master / slave or cable select on the hard drives?

  woodchip 22:27 06 Nov 2006

Yes you can boot from eachwith a boot Manager click here
Press on the Red button

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