boot screen not shown right

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 19:55 23 Jul 2004

hi ive started useing style xp 2.10 male whitch now offers to change ur boot screen so ive download some but they dont look right dose anyone no of a reason y any idea would b helpful

  broggs 21:54 23 Jul 2004

Your username is English113 so why is the question not in English? ;-).

  THE TERMINATOR 00:21 24 Jul 2004

If you have downloaded it, I presume you will have the free(and trial) version, which probably wont support what you want until you buy the full version....TT

  Ironman556 01:40 24 Jul 2004

Anyone can have a go and upload their screen to a website, but it doesn't mean they'll look good. (That's not to say that having a go is a bad thing) Have you tried Theme XP? click here

You can also change it manually, all the info you need is on the theme XP site, but use the method which allows you to choose which screen to go for during startup (you need to edit the boot.ini). I keep one for the original windows boot logo and one for customised, make the customised default and set the time to choose to a couple of seconds. That way if I load a bad screen I'm not locked out of windows.

i see your point but when you preview it its fine but when you boot up it just looks crap like its running 16 or 256 colors

  Ironman556 18:06 24 Jul 2004

that windows can only use 256 colours on the boot screen, for any more than that you need the full drivers for you graphics card loaded.

dose anyone no if this is true

  jonnytub 18:49 24 Jul 2004

i have the same problem, i have the cat boot screen and it just looks nasty in 16 colours, i don't understand how it could look any better as the graphics driver isn't loaded until the log on screen in most cases, as far as i'm aware.

well the develpoers done a great job didnt they just been to get help from them they had no idea i cant understand y build somthing that dosnt work

  hugh-265156 23:04 24 Jul 2004

the windows boot screen uses 16 colours. this is normal.

i use the boot screens from theme xp and some are better designed than others so maybe you just have a duff one, try another. i dont use use style xp but instead use the manual ntoskrnl.exe edit method click here

if you have an artistic flair then try making your own click here

so would it be safe to say that the fancie ones wont work but the plan one will or should i says the one that arnt much diff from orginal

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