Boot up problems

  FreMar 11:43 12 Feb 2012

OS: Windows XP with SP3

I have a boot up problem. Initially I could not get past the welcome page and then the boot menu; it just went through these two pages continually. A friend has given me an XP/SP3 OS disk that was given to him by a pc engineer, so I believe it to be ok. This allowed me to eventually get in to safe mode and install a repair, but that didn’t work, as although it did then boot up ok to look as normal, the pc froze up when I tried to open the first program each time I tried a restart. I can how-ever boot up via Directory Services Restore Safe mode in the boot menu, and still get my desktop to look as usual, and most items work ok to some degree. I have now managed to back up and export everything that I want to keep, including all emails and address book to an external drive via this method of start up. I have considered using a system restore disc that I created when I first set up the computer, but that would take it back to the factory setting. Although I do now have back ups of my data, I would prefer to avoid the pain of having to spend two or three days downloading and installing everything again from scratch if possible. Has anyone got any ideas please?

  Ibanez2010 11:53 12 Feb 2012

A reinstall is your only option by the sounds of things.

  birdface 11:58 12 Feb 2012

Maybe try sfc /scannow in command prompt and see if it finds any will probably ask you to insert the Cd at some point.

Have you tried running the Likes of Malwarebytes to see if any infections.

Now I found this on another Forum but as I have never tried it I cannot comment but obviously only run as a last resort.

Have you tried running chkdsk or making sure you have enough memory and disc space left.Also check device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks on there.

If an oldish computer check that the air vents are not clogged up with dust and fluff if so inside will also need cleaning.Especially around the fans and CPU.

  FreMar 13:24 12 Feb 2012

Thanks to you both for a quick reply. I have done every check I could think of including Malware and virus runs etc , and I also cleaned out the insides of the computer a little while ago for dust build up etc when I added extra memory, and it has run ok till a couple of days ago. Perhaps it's just getting a bit old at 7 years. I think I will bite the bullet and do a system restore from disk and see what happens, otherwise I'll treat myself to something new. Thanks again, it was worth a try.

  spuds 13:54 12 Feb 2012

If you have nothing to lose, then try a complete reformat.

I tend to find that you can end up with trying all sorts of things, without resolving a problem like mentioned!.

Remember though, that you might need other installation cd's handy, if you go the reformat way?.

  FreMar 14:06 12 Feb 2012

Thanks Spuds, will do. If nothing else it should get rid of any rubbish I have in there such as duplicate files (I have over 1gb) that have acumulated over a long time.

  birdface 14:18 12 Feb 2012

Maybe take the memory back out again then install again making sure that it is firmly lodged in the slots.

Could it be some of the new memory might not be working properly.If only 2 slots remove one and try with just the one if that is ok take that out and try with the other one.Not sure what you do if it is the 4 slots like my old one.

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