Boot Problems

  donatello 20:16 03 Feb 2006

Just upgraded a cpu from duron 1.3 to sempron 2.8+ on asrock A7VT4A+ which supports the cpu according to thier site without bios upgrade.Memory 256 ddr 400 and titanium 500 agp card.On switch on fans work on cpu and chassis, drives all light up then nothing not even a beep from the m/b of any kind.Tried with just cpu memory and video card connected still zero beeps, although everything is running,tried old cpu back in reset jumpers to 200 fsb cleared cmos then tried to start all appears well but no beep from board, just fans operating.Any thoughts.

  howard63 20:19 03 Feb 2006

this sounds like the motherboard earthing on the case. Try checking to see that it is supported on the correct studs etc.

  woodchip 20:22 03 Feb 2006

Does the Motherboard have FSB jumper settings> you could also remove Mobo battery or look for clear CMOS jumper near battery. It will restore defaults and may start

  donatello 21:05 03 Feb 2006

Have tried all obvious things jumpers are set correctly also tried shorting M/B with jumper and also remove replace battery,have just removed it totally from case and tried to boot on a copy of PC ADVISOR still no joy and board was working ok before fitting the new cpu into it,that's why i cant get my head round why it won't work now.any more ideas to try let me know please.Cheers for now.

  woodchip 21:09 03 Feb 2006

Retry the Duron

  phono 21:37 03 Feb 2006

On some mobos after resetting the CMOS you have to hold down a key when this happens, it is usually the Ins key but could be the End key or something similar.

Try that and see if things start working.

  phono 21:56 03 Feb 2006

Having looked at the Asrock website I assume that yor mobo is this one click here

If it is see the link here, click here it may be of some help.

  donatello 11:37 04 Feb 2006

Have tried all sugestions already ie retried duron out of case,looked at asrock site for any required bios updates checked jumper settings are correct as on thier site.Its strange that changing a cpu has caused a fault on the board,and replacing the duron gets the same results of just the fans operating no post beep,and no attempt from the hard drive when connected.Have tried the basics of M/B,one stick memory and graphics card then apply power still nothing,have left battery out overnight plus everything else removed reshorted pins to clear cmos rebuilt and tested still nothing.Begining to think board might have a problem but dont know why as its only been used a small amount of times.Any other ideas to try are most welcome,i think board is still under one year old just but not sure if they would exchange it for a new one at this stage.Thanks to all for help so far.

  woodchip 14:27 04 Feb 2006

I think your PSU as died.

  donatello 17:21 04 Feb 2006

sorry woodchip also tried PSU from another pc still same result the only spare thing I havent got is a M/B.Is there any other way to check MB.Itjustseemsstrangethat swapping CPU would do anything to the board its a new CPU from E-buyer and new heatsink and fan also.

  woodchip 17:27 04 Feb 2006

Have you tried booting the computer with all drives disconnected and all cards removed other than Graphics. Just to see if you get the DOS boot screan

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