Boot Up problem with win xp pro

  Dekka123 07:21 20 Jan 2007

When I boot up my comp one of the lines on the boot up screen should read amd athlon XP 2800+ 1GB Ram NVidia geeforce fx 5200. When I boot first time the 2800+ is missing. The comp continues to boot but when I try to open anything the comp reboots and the same thing happens all over again. I have to keep on rebooting until the missing numbers (2800+) finally apear. the computer then works great for the rest of the day. Can anyone please help. Winxp pro SP2. I am on IE6 but the same thing happens with IE 7 and firefox. I have all windows updates and virus scans report nothing. Sorry this is a bit long winded but I hope you can understand my thread. Thanks in advance.

  Gongoozler 07:59 20 Jan 2007

At which stage of the boot-up do you get the line referring to amd athlon XP 2800+? As far as I know this information is only given in the black and white screens during the BIOS boot, before Windows starts loading.

  Dekka123 08:34 20 Jan 2007

Gongoozler thanks very much for your speedy response. I am sorry I did not explain it very well. You are quite right this does happen on the black and white screen during the bios boot. Sorry but I did not know how to phrase it. Hope you can help me out

  Gongoozler 09:59 20 Jan 2007

Hi Dekka123. As the error is in the initial black and white screen, the problem is nothing to do with your Windows installation or any of the software on your computer. The problem is almost certainly in the BIOS or BIOS setup. Has this just started to happen? Is this a new computer or a few years old? It's possible that the CMOS battery is running low and the computer is losing the setting for the processor. If this problem has been with the computer from new, it's also possible, but unlikely, that the BIOS needs to be flashed to recognise the processor. I would bet on the battery being the problem.

  Dekka123 10:16 20 Jan 2007

Gongoozler thanks again for your response. The comp is actally about 4 years old but has been upgraded significenly with things such as ram and graphics card and a couple od years ago M/B. But this problem has only just started in the last week or so. If it is the battery could you please tell me how I go about changing it and would I have to renew anything else. Thanks in advance. PS. Is there any software that I could test the battery with.

  Gongoozler 10:21 20 Jan 2007

Hi Dekka123. The battery is just a simple replacement job. Simply unclip the old one and clip the new one in. Most motherboards use the CR2032 type battery, but first look at your motherboard to check click here

  Gongoozler 17:56 20 Jan 2007

Hi Dekka123. I see that you have ticked this topic as resolved. Did a replacement battery cure the problem? Let us know how it went, or if it isn't yet resolved, let us know how you get on.

  Dekka123 22:29 25 Jan 2007

Hi Gongoozler I changed the battery and it has been 3 days and about 10 bootups. And with just one exception it has booted correctly. I gave it a few days to see how it went before informing you of my progress. Hopefully it will be Ok. Thanks once again for your help.

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