Boot problem, is this terminal??

  bulbousbeast 16:54 19 Aug 2006

Hopefully someone out there can point me in the right direction. I have a pc running xp pro and it won't boot up for me. When I switch it on all that happens is that the fans start, the red light is constantly on, and the access lights flash on both the dvd recorder and the cdr recorder. then about 10 seconds later there is a little thump on my speakers and it seems to start the flashing all over again on the 2 recorders. there is no signal to the monitor.
The last time the pc did boot up it started with the same problem but leaving it on for about 15 minutes it managed to find a way past the problem and re-booted. I thought that it might have been a driver problem on the cdr so I updater it's driver, and it worked ok, I am confused!!! I have tried using a floppy to boot it up to dos and also putting my xp disc into both the drives but they are not being seen as far as I can tell.

I have searched for a solution but didn't find one on the forum but if I missed it I apologize in advance.

P.s I'm currently using my old pc to send this message

  rodriguez 17:18 19 Aug 2006

It sounds like it's stuck in a loop - it will try and start up but something makes it reset itself. Try taking it apart and unplugging everything except the power supply, graphics card (leave the monitor plugged in as well), memory and processor. Then start it up again and see if it starts as normal with 1 beep. It should get as far as saying non system disk or disk error when it can't find Windows. If it does this plug everything back in until you find the part that's causing it to reset. If it still resets when you just have the power supply, graphics card, memory and processor plugged in then it could be a fault with one of these components so try different ones out.

  bulbousbeast 20:18 19 Aug 2006

Hello and thanks for the quick reply, when I first switch it on there is one bleep and then it gets into it's cycle. I have now tried your suggestions, unplugged all hard drives floppy cdr dvdr external connections, re-seated ram graphics card checked power connections to same but no success. I haven't got a spare psu or replacement processor. the red light on the front of the case remains fully on during the cycle and a green light flashes underneath the c drive on first power on and also co-incides with restart of the cycle and the little audio thump. Does this give any further indication of where the problem is?

  Gongoozler 20:31 19 Aug 2006

Hi bulbousbeast. Try resetting the CMOS using the reset link or removing the battery out for about 30 minutes. If that doesn't help, then try the same test as suggested by rodriguez again, but this time leave the graphics card out. If the computer still keeps restarting, try with no memory plugged in. The next stage is to t6ry with the reset switch unplugged. After that, if I'm guessing correctly, all you have connected is the PSU, processor and it's heatsink.

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