Boot problem "operating system not found"

  Shaun_753 23:12 20 Dec 2005

right i have an fairly new off-the-shelf emachine computer with XP home edition installed, it's no longer under warrenty and yup.. now its not workin. When i boot - after the emachine logo, it stops on a black screen with the flashing underscore, and displays 'operating system not found'. I cant get onto windows atall, BIOS is password protected, the original XP disk didn't come with the computer, and F8 just causes the message to repeat down the screen.. i'm pretty stuck with what to do next, any help plz!

  PA28 23:28 20 Dec 2005

Do you not have the password to your own BIOS? YOu could always reset the BIOS - there's often a switch or jumper near to the battery (have a look in your motherboard manual), or you can simply remove the battery for a short time.

That doesn't help you start the computer however, if no operating system is being found. Do you have a recovery disc? Try booting with this in the CD drive. This is where the BIOS tip might be handy as you will be able to direct the machine to boot from the CD first, rather than the Hard Drive which is causing it problems.

At worst - though you've a few things to try first - a complete reinstall of XP may be required. If you have your current XP Serial Number then you might be able to borrow an XP Disk and enter your number when appropriate (your recovery disk, if you have one, may allow you to do the same). No recovery disk and no serial number? Looks like you might have to purchase a new OS.

  007al 00:00 21 Dec 2005

Have you checked your hard drive cable is connected properly?Does the hard drive led flash when you turn the pc on?If they are both ok,then take the round battery out,as said above,and you should get into bios.When in bios,check the pc is set to boot from hard drive.

  Sharpamatt 07:27 21 Dec 2005

I agree with 007al its either a connection on hard drive worked loose, I usually reseat both the MOBO and HD cables,

If you have added a new HD it could also be the Jumpers

Check on startup screen as to if your HD is reconised as the Master if not its either the Cable or drives, ( Or power supply to Drive )

If the drive is shown Id reboot go into settings and reset everything to default, save and then reboot

  Pamy 10:38 23 Dec 2005

I see that you have ticked your problem as resolved, I am interested to know what you actally did to resolve it

  Technoligy 19:19 09 Nov 2009

My laptop was showed the message “Operating system not found “ in a black screen with white letters in the left side for 8 days, even I took it to IT specialise people but they press F2 and the bios request a passwords that was not the one I used to access my laptop.
So I take the laptop back home. I took a screwdriver turnaround the laptop and take all the screws from the laptop. There is one that connect the keyboards so I remover too and I remove a last one that is under the keyboard. I realised that a one of the connections was unplug. I did NOT touch the hard drive. I just plug in back that connection and my laptop start to work as normal. Even the work that I was working was there. II hope this can help any body.
Claudia Elizabeth Jara González

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