Boot problem command line ?

  geoff47 18:42 23 Jun 2011

I have a very old PC that I am playing about with, it had XP Professional on it, long story, but I had put Linux Unity (I think) on it, and was testing it to destruction, and it has destructed.

Now I have tried to load the OS again to sort things out, but when I put the CD in to re load the OS, I have to login and end up with a command line window. The only command that works for me is 'halt' to shutdown. I think I have deleted whatever opens the OS. I know that the PC is on its last legs, but I don't believe it's a mechanical problem, just my lack of knowledge. I understand from this point I could download the bits I am missing........not the correct terms I know, but can anyone help me out here ?

  Strawballs 22:42 23 Jun 2011

What OS are you trying to install? Have you set boot order to CD first in bios?

  Devil Fish 23:17 23 Jun 2011

sound like you may have remennants of the old o/s

try kill disk will totally wipe the drive and give you a clean install platform

kill disk

  geoff47 23:42 23 Jun 2011

The problem is I cannot boot from a CD, what seems to happen is the cd starts up, whatever I load and then just hangs. I have tried the original CD and it gets so far then stalls, for instance it asks do you want to preview etc. etc. or install, whatever I choose, it kicks into action, I see the first images then everything stops. If no CD in the drive it boots into a DOS screen wanting command prompts, I have loaded things with random commands such sudo apt-get install etc.etc. but I dont know what I am doing.

I shall try again tomorrow with Nukem, think thats what its called, and get back to you all.

Many thanks so far.

  geoff47 15:50 24 Jun 2011

I have decided the HD is knackered. It only manages to boot to a boot CD randomly, and fails to boot to any Live CD what ever I do.

So I think I shall call it a day with this PC......unless somebody knows a miracle cure.

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