Boot problem Asus M6VA

  m800afc 22:31 06 Mar 2009

Asus M6VA; XP Pro; SP3
For some reason my XP laptop has started to boot to "Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu"
I am offered the following options:

1: Reboot to Windows XP
2: Recover Windows XP to first partition only
3: Recover Windows XP to entire HD
4: Recover Windows XP to entire HD with 2 partitions.

If I select 1, I simply get a C drive DOS prompt. I am reluctant to try the other options because I have THREE partitions on my drive at the moment.

How can I persuade my laptop to boot normally to XP Pro?

  MAJ 22:48 06 Mar 2009

Do you have Win 98 installed on one of the partitions as a dual boot?

  m800afc 22:59 06 Mar 2009

No, I have never installed Win 98, and the laptop was purchased new, direct from Asus.

If I allow the "Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu" to time out, I get a message saying;
"Reboot to Windows; Please wait"
"Recovery not finish. (sic) Please try again"

The laptop then hangs.

  m800afc 01:13 07 Mar 2009

I am wondering if the prompt

is a real dos command line prompt. The reason for this is that none of the dos commands I enter work. They all report "Bad command or filename"

The exception is dir, which shows the C drive as "Recovery" This is a factory partition, supposed to help recover the computer. I am unable to use this because
a: I am not using it correctly
b: A file may be corrupted
I am unable to change drive by entering, for example, D:

I have an Acronis backup.tib but Acronis declares the .tib to be corrupt. (Yet gain Acronis TI fails to do the job)

Where on earth has the "Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu" come from????

Is it possible to recover my laptop using files prepared on my desktop? How do I do this?

  m800afc 15:08 08 Mar 2009

I have three partitions on the drive. A small factory set "Recovery" partition, a "System" partition with my XP OS on it, and a "Data" partition, with my data and applications on it.
I have managed to run FIXBOOT and FIXMBR. I am now getting a "NTLDR missing" error message. I think this may be because on booting the computer, it is trying to boot from the recovery partion, rather than the system partition.
How do I persuade it to boot from the system partition?
I have searched the "NTLDR missing" error message,but the suggested remedies require a floppy drive that I don't have.
Is there a way of, for example, creating a way of booting into the correct partition, from a USB memory stick? I am able to now get into the BIOS, and can set the boot order to boot from the pendrive, if I have the required files on the pendrive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 08 Mar 2009

Dos prompt will only find Recovery drive as that is probably FAT32 and your other drives are NTFS, Dos cannot see NTFS drives.

Do you have a XP CD? If so boot from CD and do a repair install.

If not then Down load a live linux cd click here has tools for repairing a disc.
copy NTLDR from recovery parttition to the rrot of your system drive.

  m800afc 00:53 09 Mar 2009

Thank you everyone who replied.
Sadly every time I tried something I was presented with another problem. A lot of the time was spent trying to replace missing modules, but then finding something additional was required.
In the end I got so frustrated that I tried to repair XP, but the laptop crashed and on restart I could only do a fresh install, which I have done.
Now I have two more problems.
a: The laptop now thinks it is dual booting two versions of XP. How do I get rid of the dual boot option.
b: I cannot connect to the internet because my O2 installer says I have no network adapter. The network adapter is shown as present and working normally.

What is the best way forwards?

  m800afc 06:34 09 Mar 2009

I have now resolved the two remaining issues.
Thanks for the help.

  kenjayb 20:32 11 Nov 2010

This is guaranteed to work. But it will erase everything.

The Recovery procedure seems to have its problems when a system is already installed. So use any partition manager to delete all the partitions except the first one labelled RECOVERY. Do not re create a new partition.

I use UBCD a free download from the internet which creates a bootable CD.

Now pressing F9 during boot will allow options 2, 3, or 4 to work - I suggest 3.

1: Reboot to Windows XP
2: Recover Windows XP to first partition only
3: Recover Windows XP to entire HD
4: Recover Windows XP to entire HD with 2 partitions.

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