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  avesnes1 15:42 26 Mar 2012

I have a dual boot system with XP on one internal drive and W7 on a second internal drive. This morning XP loaded as normal and after use the machine was shut down.

This afternoon as soon as I chose XP from the boot manager, I got a completely black screen and the disk drive light permanently on (it flickers on and off when loading XP). I restarted via the power button and tried again twice with the same result and then chose W7 from the boot manager and it loaded correctly. I then was able to see the files on the XP drive using Windows Explorer so I am therefore assuming that there is nothing wrong mechanically with the XP drive.

I am also assuming that there is some corrupted file(or files)somewhere and I am hoping that someone on the forum could advise me as to how I might correct this problem.

I have Acronis and also Paragon full backups (from a few weeks ago) on external USB drives and I was wondering if it will be possible to extract the necessary file(s) and over-write the corrupted file(s) on the XP drive.

Thanks in advance for any guidance/comment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 26 Mar 2012

Restore XP

Boot to the command prompt and type:


Press Enter and follow the on-screen prompts to restore to an earlier date/time

  avesnes1 18:09 26 Mar 2012

Thanks for your reply, Fruitbat/\0/\

I'm not sure how to get to the command prompt, so when I was at the Boot loader menu (with the list of my operating systems) I chose XP as normal and immediately started pressing F8.

This brought up the Windows Advanced Options menu and I chose "Safe mode with command prompt". This produced a list of Windows\System32 files which then disappeared and produced a black screen with "Safe mode" in each corner and the title "Microsoft(R) Windows XP(R) (Build 2600....(row of numbers).................Service Pack 3)"

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or how I should proceed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 26 Mar 2012

will it boot into safemode?

if so likely to be diver that's causing your problem.

  avesnes1 19:49 26 Mar 2012

Fruitbat/\0/\ -- The nearest I can get to Safe mode is the black screen with "Safe mode" in each corner and the title mentioned in my second posting.

  avesnes1 20:46 26 Mar 2012

Fruitbat/\0/\ -- I seemed to have solved this problem by a mixture of trial & error and Microsoft's CheckDisk program in W7.

I went into "Windows Advanced Options" as per my second posting. I chose "Disable restart on system error" and the machine automatically went in to the Windows XP startup screen with the logo and the three blue dots moving across a bar. However, the machine seemed to stick at this point and there was no light on the drive light.

I shut down using the power button and booted into W7. Suddenly the screen gave a message that one of my disks(the one with XP on) needed checking for consistency.

The machine, using W7, spent about 20 minutes correcting an error and recovering many orphaned files and finally loaded W7 as normal.

I then closed W7 and tried to boot into XP and to my amazement XP loaded normally and I'm writing this posting from there.

The fortunate thing is that I have the two internal disk drives, each with a different operating system on each. I still do not know how to solve this problem if I did not have the dual boot facility.

Thanks again, Fruitbat/\0/\, for your assistance.

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