Boot-up problem

  The Waker of Time 16:06 01 Nov 2006

My computer has just recently started acting stange on startup. It tells me that the computer didn't start properly, and asks if I want to start in safe mode, and when I log on, it takes ages for the welcome tune to play. Before the tune plays, it is impossible to open any application/folder without it crashing. Also, when opening My Computer, it spends about 20 minutes displaying the torch that usually appears when the computer cannot find something, before it finally displays My Computer. No viruses, I just checked.
XP Proffesional SP2

  birdface 16:28 01 Nov 2006

Up date your virus and spyware programs, and then run in safe mode,Or into safe mode, And let it run in last good configuration,

  bof:) 19:33 01 Nov 2006

how much space have you got on your hard drive free?

Idealy I think its advisable to keep about 1/3 space free.

To have a look left click your 'My Computer' icon and right click your 'C Drive' icon. At the bottom of the list left click 'properties', you should see a pie chart representation of the used and fee space on your hard drive.

How much have you used and how much have you got left free? What is the size of your hard drive in total?

Below the pie chart is a box called 'Disk Cleanup', left click it, put a tick in 'Temporary Internet files' and 'Temporary Files' and click ok.

This will clean these two folders out.

Also are you getting any error messages? If so what are they?


  bof:) 09:44 02 Nov 2006

Hi The Waker of Time, do you get any beeps when you start up your pc? Yo should get normally just 1. If you get more could you please let us know how many.

Plus what make your BIOS is (this appears on black page as your pc starts up).

What error messages do you get?

When started up,
can you also go into start/run type in 'msconfig' (without the ' ' marks) and click Browse.

Then on the page you get now click on the 'Startup' tab. You should now see a list of everything that starts up when your pc starts up. There will be a little box next to every line. Some will have a tick in them, some may not.

The ones with the ticks in a box are the onces that startup when your pc is starting up.

Try unticking ones you recognise as programes on your pc (make a note of them, in case you need to re-tick them).

Click Apply and then OK

Restart PC

You will usually get a message saying you are using diagnosis startup click ok.

Now does PC load any faster?

If so the problem is being probably causd by one of the programes you unticked struggling to load.


  bof:) 16:01 16 Nov 2006

Hi The Waker of Time, did you solve this? If so please post back with how you did so. This will help anyone else using this site if they search for the same type of problem.

Then please put a tick in the resolved box.


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