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  hellred 16:59 14 Mar 2004


Can nyone tell me how to fix the following problem please.

I had several OS installed Win 98 Win XP Win Adv Server, on start up i always had a screen asking which OS to boot to. Now however for some strange reson i ask to boot to Win 98 and i get an error message saying somthing boot ****, whatever.

I can still acsess Win XP and explore all the drives etc, but i need to get to win 98 as all my main software and e-mails etc are stored there, i only used Xp to mess around and see how it all functions.

Does anyone know how i can get back there and boot to Win 98 again ??

Thank you

  powerless 17:03 14 Mar 2004

Gives us the full message it gives you.

somthing boot ****, whatever. - is not much to go on.

  LastChip 17:04 14 Mar 2004

Can you still access XP?

  hellred 17:25 14 Mar 2004

I can still accsess XP and boot to it, thats how i am sending these messages, i will now reboot and make a note of the exact message i get, thanks

  hellred 17:36 14 Mar 2004

When booting the PC i get the choice:

Windows XP
Windows Advanced Server
Microsoft Windows

Now Win 98 is the bottom one when i select that option the message comes up as follows:

I/O Error Multi(0)Disk(0)Partition(1)/ Bootsect.dos

Then The PC freezes and i have to re-boot, when i select XP it boot normal.

I have two Hard Drives:

C = Win 98
D = Partiton 1 D
D = Partiton 2 E

The way i see it the system is trying to boot to a partition where the selected OS does not exist, how do i fix this and get it to point to the C Drive.


  LastChip 18:04 14 Mar 2004

It's probably your boot.ini file.

Make sure you have opted to see "hidden files" and make a backup of boot.ini . You will find it in the root of you boot drive, presumably C:

Open the file in an editor, Wordpad will do and look for a line;

C:\="Microsoft Windows"

If it's not there, put it there, exactly as written with quotes. (This is assuming '98 is on C:, if not replace the drive letter as appropriate).

Now try a reboot and see if you can get back into '98.

  hellred 18:47 14 Mar 2004

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server" /fastdetect
C:\="Microsoft Windows"

AS you can see it says that as you described, however i cant boot to C, why ???

  LastChip 19:21 14 Mar 2004

The way your boot.ini files reads, you have Win XP as your default operating system, loaded on C:. But also, you are supposed to have '98 on C: further, it suggests your Windows Advanced Server is also on the same partition. Surely not?

Please explain the partitions (drives) you have loaded these systems to.

Is this a RAID configuration?

  hellred 20:00 14 Mar 2004

I have two hard drives on this system:

1st Drive 4.3 gig C has Win 98 installed

2nd Drive 40 gig 2 partitions D, E

Partion D has Windows Advanced server and XP installed

Partion E has only data from C on it.

No Raid.

  LastChip 21:10 14 Mar 2004

This is a complex question and I had to refer to some information and carry out some experiments on my spare machine.

First, on reflection your boot.ini file is OK.

Second, I've been trying to find a way around booting into '98 without screwing up the rest of the system, sadly without success.

It appears the cause of your problem is a corrupted boot sector which can probably be repaired, but will block your other two systems in the process.

  LastChip 21:23 14 Mar 2004

Not easy, but take it steady strictly in order and you should be OK click here

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