Boot up problem

  Ollyolly 15:13 11 Feb 2004

I inserted my old hard drive (Win98 still on it)in order to re-format it to use as a back up for my new drive (Win2000 )that has been working perfectly for a month or so.
The PC didn't like the idea.
Took the old HDD out but PC still refuses to boot.
It gets as far as 'Searching for boot sector on IED-0...OK' then stops.

Any ideas, anyone?

  hugh-265156 15:26 11 Feb 2004

if you wish to boot into windows 98 and cannot on the old drive,try a bootdisk from click here (windows98 oem) boot from the floppy and type "fdisk /mbr" to restore to master boot record.or just format it using fdisk on the floppy.

is the drive seen by the bios?

  hugh-265156 17:59 11 Feb 2004

from email "New drive is seen by BIOS. My main priority is to boot up the new drive first"

are the jumpers set correctly on both drives?

the second/old drive will not be seen by windows 2000 i think when added as it still contains an operating system(win98) you will need to format this using fdisk. click here may help a bit.

  anon1 19:05 11 Feb 2004

You dont need to format it at all. You need to make sure the jumpers are set on the second drive as a slave and it is best to use the other channel (opposite channel to main drive) to connect it to the system. If windows 98 is ok then you could set up a dual boot in windows 2000 or in windows 98. Make sure also that the ribbon cable is the correct way round ie pin 0 is against pin 0 on the ribbon cable.

  hugh-265156 22:09 11 Feb 2004

anon1 Ollyolly is wanting to set it as no expert on the subject(only one drive myself) but surely the old 98 disk has to be formated if Ollyolly wishes to use it as a backup slave.

with windows 98 still on the old drive then from within win2k it will be invisable surely untill its fdisked. no? i may be very wrong.

  billyliv 00:21 12 Feb 2004

When you say that you inserted your Win 98 drive, did you insert it as a slave, or did you remove your 2000 drive and insert your 98 drive as a master? Your 2000 drive should be set as master on the end connection of your IDE cable. Your 98 drive should be set as slave on the middle connector on the IDE cable. When you boot your machine you should enter 'Set Up' and change your boot up sequence to HDD 1. You will then be able to format your 98 drive. Cheers, Bill

  Tog 07:12 12 Feb 2004

Reseat the connectors to your original HDD and the motherboard. You may have disturbed them.

Are you using the HDD jumpers set to cable select or master/slave?

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