Boot Up Mystery

  swanson2 09:43 14 Apr 2005


The mystery is that when I initially boot up the PC goes through the usual checks but instead of loading Windows it re-boots itself.

It then brings up the Windows screen asking how I want to start XP and then continues to boot up as normal.

The PC then continues to work OK and shuts down normally.

My system comprises Elite K7S5A Mainboard, AMD 1700XP Processor, 2 x 160Gb Hard Drives, 1Gb DDR RAM, WinXP Home (SP2)

I have had no significant problems with my PC until about a week ago when I upgrade my memory from 512Mb SD RAM to 1Gb DD RAM.

The memory [Crucial 2 x 512MB, 184-pin DIMM Upgrade for a Elite Group (ECS) K7S5A (Rev 3.X) System] seems OK and is recognised by the PC.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

  rawprawn 10:11 14 Apr 2005

Check in BIOS to make sure that boot from your hard drive is set as 1st

  swanson2 14:06 14 Apr 2005

Hi rawprawn.

Ive checked the BIOS settings and they are OK.

First boot device is IDE 0 followed by floppy disk then CD.

  woodchip 14:18 14 Apr 2005

Remove the ram you installed and fit the old if it clears the Problem??????? you know who

  swanson2 21:31 14 Apr 2005

Thanks "woodchip" I thought about that as a last resort but would like to sort the problem and retain the extra RAM if possible.

I think I may have sorted it!

Rawprawn's comments made me think about making changes to my BIOS and I now find if I make my first boot device my floppy disk, followed by my Hard Drive IDE-0 and then my CD ROM everythimg seems to work OK.

Can't understand why but it seems to work and my PC is now booting up OK.

  swanson2 16:17 15 Apr 2005


Switched my PC on this morning and got the same problem again.

Seems to happen mostly on booting up after the PC has been shut down for a few hours so might be temperature related?

I rang Crucial technical support and they recommend that I update my BIOS to the latest version.

I've never done this before so any comments would be appreciated.

My Mainboard is an Elite Group K7S5A and the BIOS is version 07.OOT.

  ade.h 16:31 15 Apr 2005

I had shaky startup problems a couple of years ago when I moved house. First thing in the morning, it would always play up with slow startup and some errors. The glitches could never be replicated later in the day when the PC had been running for a while and my office had warmed up, even if it was turned off and on again.

Then I moved house again and the problem mysteriously stopped! A poltergeist perhaps?! ;-)

Seriously, though, I would suggest using standby overnight with the monitor off, or maybe try hibernation, which boots Windows much more quickly.

  georgemac © 16:33 15 Apr 2005

click here(3.1)&MenuID=35&LanID=8 this is the page for the bios updates - I would click on the bit at the top and make sure you identify the correct rev of motherboard first - although the latest bios seems to be for all rev's

download the bios file and the flash utility and tehn use the link to see how to use the ami flash bios utility and see if you are happy to proceed. I cannot see the 7.00t version either - are you sure of the model number of the motherboard?

There is always risk when flashing the bios, and I don't see any of the bios updates do anything to improve memory performance or memory problems, so crucial don't really have a good reason for giving you this advice.

  georgemac © 16:34 15 Apr 2005

click here for the download page - thanks again to tinyurl

  ade.h 16:35 15 Apr 2005

A BIOS update ("flash") is quite easy, but you will need to follow the instructions very carefully and make absolutely sure that all the correct required files are on the floppy. You boot from the floppy and enter a command line when prompted.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of any good websites that have a detailed guide to BIOS flashing, but a websearch should throw something up.

  ade.h 16:36 15 Apr 2005

georgemac, you posted while I was typing!

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