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  geoff47 14:47 05 Apr 2003

I have got Mandrake 9.0 and Win98se on my PC installed and partitioned by the linux progam as it was loaded.
Now I find it a bit annoying changing between them using the options that are included.
Firstly I have to sit and wait while booting if wanting to go into windows,as mandrake boots by default.
Is there a progam that will allow me to jump between OSs,and could it be free?
Thanks for any information.
Sorry if this question is duplicated,got an error message when trying the first time.

  powerless 21:01 05 Apr 2003

Delete the Mandrake Partition and reinstall but this time do not install a boot loader. Use a boot disk instead.

This way it will always boot into Windows if you pop the floppy in it will boot into Mandrake.

(not sure how to do it myself without deleting Mandrake i'm still getting used to it)

  powerless 21:01 05 Apr 2003

Well delete the 3 Mandrake Partitons.

  Tesman 00:07 06 Apr 2003

Not sure what you're asking here, geoff47. Lilo should give you the option of booting into either Windows or Mandrake, and it's just a matter of choosing one or the other. Do you want to change the default boot OS, or get rid of Lilo, or use a third-party boot manager? Whichever, you should'nt need to reinstall. Give a bit more info, and I'll try to help.

  geoff47 00:34 06 Apr 2003

Thanks Tesman,I think you have more of whatI am looking for.
As it stands at boot up unless I am waiting by the PC it defaults to Mandrake,there are 4 options,mandrake,failsafe,windows,or floppy...have never tried the other options i.e. failsafe or floppy,but assume they are for booting from floppy or going directly to mandrake.
What I am asking is...instead of the boot option going by default to mandrake after a countdown that you can choose,can I choose to have it pause on that screen? Or even better can I move between OS's without logging out and logging on the other OS? Basically while working my way around mandrake I need to get into windows for net access.And would like to cut down the time it takes at present....I can fully understand I am asking the impossible,but you have to ask to learn dont you?
Hope that is more clear.
I have thought of using a boot option program but have very limited knowledge of what they are,I think there is one on a mag disc somewhere in my collection ....Acronis? possibly..would this solve my problem? could I load it at this stage?
Too many questions? sorry...and thanks for any advice that can be added that may help me.

  Tesman 01:24 06 Apr 2003

Okay...lots of questions here! Bear in mind that I'm no expert by any means, but I'll do my best.

As far as I know, there isn't any easy way to jump between OSs without logging out of one and into the other. Whichever boot manager you choose, Acronis, Bootmagic or what have you will still present you with a broadly similar login screen to Lilo, and you'll still have a delay.
Yes, you can have Lilo pause as long as you like, or you can change the default boot OS to Windows. It's relatively straightforward but will mean digging into the Lilo configuration file-if you feel confident enough to do this, let me know and I'll post full details.

  Tesman 01:28 06 Apr 2003

By the way, just reread your post-do you need help in setting up Internet access in Mandrake? If you're using dialup, I may be able to help. I'm posting this from Mandrake, so it can be done!

  geoff47 01:49 06 Apr 2003

Thanks again it happens have just returned from mandrake after resetting default to windows. I am the only one playing with Mandrake but am not the only one that uses PC...and have had complaints,but now no problem ,it goes straight to windows.
I have NTL BB(my only luxury)and have found out that linux isn't very USB friendly.It will connect but drops the connection frequently and randomly,or so I have read,and have found by my own connection problems.I have decided to get at some stage an ethernet card,as this should be the solution to all my connection problems.Did find out about a script that could be used to amend the problem,but even this reconnects,it doesn't stop the connection dropping in the first place,so ethernet card is the best solution apparently.
Thanks again...I will close this thread as solved.

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