Boot manager problem

  fullywired23 18:25 22 Jul 2003

I seem to have lost my boot manager,I have two H/drives fitted ,with two O/s on one drive and one on the other,I used to be able to boot to either but now I don't get the option it just boots straight to C: I have recently formatted and must have switched it off inadvertently(if that is possible)
Does any one know how I can recover Boot manager?

  fullywired23 18:28 22 Jul 2003

forgot to mention that I am using the XP built in B/manager and all my O/s are XP pro


  fullywired23 20:22 22 Jul 2003


  Peter 21:03 22 Jul 2003


I think what may have happened is that when you formatted the partition the master boot record (MBR) has been re-written. This could make it so you only see the partition that you just formatted. I don't know how you do it with XP, but you need to restore the MBR to how it was before the format.

Perhaps someone else who does know how will see your question.


  crx1600 21:20 22 Jul 2003

this KB click here gives details about the 'recovery console' (restart with the XP CD in)

look at the info about 'bootcfg', (about 1/3 down page) with regards to '/list' and '/add', which may help.

or install 'bootmagic' from your PM disc.

  crx1600 21:25 22 Jul 2003

or perhaps its the (bootcfg) '/rebuild' command that could sort it.

  woodchip 21:29 22 Jul 2003

If Xp was on other than C:\ then what you have done is you have removed the boot manager, this resides in msdos.sys and autoexec.bat files in windows 98 and I think ME you will have to reinstall it formatting cannot re-write the master boot record only FDISK will do that or using FDISK/MBR...........So you must have hade 98 or ME on the C:\ partition

  fullywired23 22:05 22 Jul 2003

Thanks to crx1600,peter&woodchip

I have been into the repair console and done a ""fixmbr" and "fixboot" both these were done successfully according to the console but this has not cured the problem.I think that Fdisk is the answer to the problem as wood chip suggested .because Win ME was on the C: drive originally.
But how do I get to FDISK/MBR? is in the list of prompts in the recovery console?

Thanks to all again

  woodchip 22:08 22 Jul 2003

Start with a Win98 boot disc from click here start with disc type FDISK/MBR and press enter reastart comp

  woodchip 22:09 22 Jul 2003

allow the boot disk to get to A:\

  zanwalk 22:25 22 Jul 2003

FDISK/MBR will not rebuild your MBR as you wish, as this just reverts the MBR to boot to C:\

The command you need from the recovery console is: bootcfg /rebuild

If you go back to the link crx1600 provided, it gives the different commands and what they do.

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