Boot Manager And Linux for Dual Boot

  poogles_uk 21:40 23 Apr 2003

I want to run Red Hat 7 on my comp with Win ME.

I need a Bootmanager. Has anyone any ideas of a free one that will do the job. I know there is one with Partition Magic but i can't afford to buy Partition Magic.

And which is the Best Linux? Red hat or one of the others? Where can i buy them from as i have Red Hat 7 from a friend and may want to get 8.0/9.0 or one of the others.

Where can i buy it from?

  powerless 21:45 23 Apr 2003

8.0 and 9.0 are updates from 7.0 as i see it.

So 8.0 or 9.0 would be better. 9.0 has support for USB whereas 8.0 does not (without adding it which requires some knowing about Linux to do).

You can download Linux...

click here

8.0 and 9.0 have a boot mamger/laoder which you can choose you to install.

  powerless 21:46 23 Apr 2003

Sorry i have never been near 7.0 so cannot help with the boot side of things.

  zanwalk 21:51 23 Apr 2003

For a boot manager:

click here

If you require a copy of a Linux distribution, email me for details (envelope by my name).

  flecc 21:54 23 Apr 2003

I've never ben able to get the Boot Magic that's included with Partition Magic to work with Linux anyway, so I shouldn't bother with that. Do a Google search for the Linux LiLo boot manager and you should be able to download it free.

However, I think that when you install Red Hat 7 you'll get an option to have the boot manager; it might even load automatically to recognise both systems as it does with Red Hat 8, so that's the first thing to try.

  zanwalk 21:57 23 Apr 2003

For a boot manager:

click here

If you require a copy of a Linux distribution, email me for details (envelope by my name).

  zanwalk 22:01 23 Apr 2003

Apologies for the dual post, this is what should have come up:

RedHat 7.0 does have a bootloader, however, some people experience problems when trying to remove it, my recommendation would be to use a third party bootloader.


I have two computers running BootMagic and booting Linux.

  poogles_uk 10:55 24 Apr 2003

What do you mean by
'If you require a copy of a Linux distribution, email me for details (envelope by my name).'

Are you offering me a copY?

Is OLS ok to use without registering?

  zanwalk 12:23 24 Apr 2003

Yes, I am offering you a copy if you wish.

OSL is free to try, they ask you to register if you decide to keep it.

  poogles_uk 17:02 24 Apr 2003

Which Version? I'll have to clear it with my parents before i give the Go-Ahead.

Im having problems with the Red Hat 7 im borrowing, so ill need to buy it or have a copy from you.

  keiths linux 14:42 25 Apr 2003

i us mandrake 9.0 which you can download and use for free from click here or you can buy the download version on 3 cds for about £10 or the full 9 cd version for about £40, i am using linux with windows me linux will setup a bootloader for you mandrake was very easy to install and use i have not had any problems with it and it has not crashed unlike windows dose.
think you can now download mandrake 9.1 for free now

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