Boot Manager (Delete?)

  RGB76 18:48 27 Oct 2009

Hello all

I first put Windows-7 onto a dual boot with Vista Premium, but it all went wrong, now I have both OS`s on seperate hard disks, which at the moment I load independently, but I an left with the Boot Manager screen every time I boot Vista. Could anyone tell me how I can Delete that please.
I would guess it means a trip to the registry but that would not bother me.

Many Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 27 Oct 2009

control panel/system/advanced/startup

change timeout to 0 and the menu won't be presented

  RGB76 19:58 27 Oct 2009

Hello Fruit Bat

That hides it up OK and thats great, but I would like to delete it from the registry, I`m pretty sure that can be done, but I don`t know quite where to get at it.
I still want to install Windows-7 and have made a partition on the Vista-P Bootup disk, so Windows-7 will write to Boot Manager Again and I hate to think how many Windows-7 OS`s there will be on it with Vista as second choice.
I Hope you and anyone else who looks at this thread can understand all this stuff I`ve written.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:53 27 Oct 2009
  RGB76 00:01 28 Oct 2009

Hi Fruit Bat

Just downloaded that program, fixed everything in Two Ticks. Handy to keep for another Time.

Very many thanks,


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