Boot up issues

  Sealer 09:52 29 Sep 2006

Hi. When starting up, my system takes an age to get going, Its often slow detecting drives then very slow verifying DNI pool data. memtest is fine. I often switch off and start again, is my hard drive on its way out or something else?
GA-7VT600 mobo, AMD XP 2800+, Samsung SP1203N,512Ram & Win XP home.
All has been fine untill recently. No new upgrades have been done.

Regards (fingers crossed)

  ACOLYTE 10:18 29 Sep 2006

If you have SMART activated for your Hdd this can slow the bootup down try disabling this in the bios if its on.

click here

My help you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 29 Sep 2006

Ttry this as an experiment-- unplug the CD-ROM and DVDs from connectors, make sure you do not have a CD-ROM and HD sharing a cable. IF possible, put the DVD and CD-ROM or CD\RW on the secondary IDE channel if you run HDs on the primary channel. In other words, build up and try just a HD when you get a radically slow post. Once you get a good normally fast post with just HD and video, build out by plugging the secondary channel devices (your removable media drives) in with power off and then see if post time goes back to slow or not, if so, something plugged onto secondary IDE is wonky.

Also, some boards come with BIOS POST not set to quick POST, and with quick POST off the computer BIOS will check RAM times 3 instead of with one pass.

If you have NO SATA drives hooked up, disabling SATA and disabling SATA boot speeds things up.

"PCI Adapter" boot device in boot order? If no device then set to last place in boot order.

  Sealer 10:23 29 Sep 2006

How do i access smart?

  Sealer 10:24 29 Sep 2006

Hard drive and opticals are on seperate IDE channels.

  Sealer 10:26 29 Sep 2006

Most of the time the problem happens if my PC has been off for a day or two! IE after a weekend away.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 29 Sep 2006

From a dos prompt run chkdsk /p /r

Enter manual HDD config into cmos setup you can switch back to auto later (turn 32bit off if acceptial)

Are you using an 80-pin cable or 40-pin? A 40-pin cable could cause you issues if you are using a UDMA 5 or greater hard drive. Also, although I don't think it would make much difference, if any, but just make sure if the cable has one BLUE end and one BLACK end that the proper end is connected to the motherboard (typically the blue side is for the mobo.

Personally, I always config my HDs as masters and have never really used cable select. I don't think it would hurt anything at all to set the disk as master, move the disk to the primary IDE by itself for testing purposes.

Check drive properties in Device manager is it using PIO or DMA?

  Sealer 19:13 29 Sep 2006

Drive is master. Cant find PIO or DMA in drive properties, But in primary IDE channel it is using ultra DMA mode 6. By the way this is a newish problem on a older machine that has been running fine. Cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 29 Sep 2006

newish problem on a older machine

renew cmos battery

  Sealer 11:10 30 Sep 2006

Will be back after new battery

  Sealer 17:56 30 Sep 2006

It looks as though its my slave drive causing my problems, With a bit of luck I am out of trouble.
Thanks for all help offered.

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