Boot from floppy or disc??

  tanzanitre 00:16 02 Aug 2004

Im wondering how you can tell wether pc boots from floopy or disc? im on xp pro!

Thanks in advance!

  Chegs ® 00:40 02 Aug 2004

Quick way,stick a floppy in the drive and reboot.If the floppy runs/Invalid System Disc message appear,its booting from floppy.If you put XP CD in drive,reboot and XP Setup appears,then its CD-ROM.If either of these does nothing,then its booting from the HDD.

  tanzanitre 01:02 02 Aug 2004

Thanks il give it a try,i have no xp cd to try it with,planning on purchasing xp to do clean install,just thought i would find all this out first.

  hugh-265156 01:16 02 Aug 2004

as above try with a blank floppy or cdrom and see if the computer tries to boot from them. you can get boot disks from click here windows 98 OEM works with xp and has tools on it.

also enter your bios and check in the advanced menu somewhere, there will be an option to set the first boot device.

set first boot device to floppy second to cdrom and third to hdd. if there is no floppy or cdrom in the drives it will boot from the hard drive. this will slow down your boot time by about a second but covers all eventualities.

if your not sure which key to press to enter your bios then look on the first screen you see when you turn the computer on and it will say on the screen press F2 to enter set up or similar click here for some common keys to try.

a guide to install windows xp click here

  tanzanitre 09:46 02 Aug 2004

Thanks huggy! Its booting from cd so shall i leave it at this setting then? Ta for the links think il need them for my first install.Just one question when i install windows will it give me the option to format my drive? And do i need to create a rescue disk before i install?

  Chegs ® 10:40 02 Aug 2004

The XP CD has the ability to format/partition the drive in FAT32/NTFS.No need of a "rescue" disc,XP had either "Recovery Console" or can "Repair" the install.

  Djohn 10:41 02 Aug 2004

No need for a rescue disk but make sure you have backed up and made copies of all the files you want to save to a separate drive or CD. XP contains drivers for most of your hardware but if possible have the individual drivers handy if you still have them.

Set the boot sequence to boot from CD drive from the BIOS as huggyg71 says, insert your XP CD turn off/reboot then at the loading screen You will see the message to "Press any key to boot from the CD" do so and the install will start, files will be loaded then you will be given the option to format the drive and install XP, Choose this option.

The PC will re-boot two more times during install and you will see the same message, [Press any key to boot from CD] This time ignore the message, let the PC continue on by itself to install from the hard drive. If you do press any key, you will find yourself in an endless loop of re-booting. j.

  tanzanitre 12:13 02 Aug 2004

Sorry to bother again,Ok have backed up required files to cd,At present my hardrive is partitioned,C and D is the hdrives so can i just have c as the harddrive? Should i choose NTFS over Fat32,until reading huggys link id read that NTFS was preferable only his link says to choose Fat32?

Many thanks

  Chegs ® 12:18 02 Aug 2004

You can have just a C: drive(but it slows system maintenance,defrag has more to do)FAT32 or NTFS,is another matter for personal choice(if you aren't working with 4Gb+ files,and dont encrypt folders,FAT32)I use NTFS,as my PC is often editing video files(@12Gb's +)

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