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  JBX22 17:53 26 Feb 2007

Hi my friend (I know) has aproblem. She was online when here desktop made a grinding noise and the screen went to black with a messgae - "Boot Failure". This wasn't on boot up but ratehr when she was in mid surf.

I'm going to have to fix it. It sounds terminal. What should I try first? Reformat HD and Reinstall windows? Any help would be much appreciated.

  Joe R 17:55 26 Feb 2007


you could try and format first, but usually a "grinding noise" means that the H/d is either on the way out, or has already went.

  paulgeaf 17:58 26 Feb 2007

If you hadn't ementioned a grinding noise I would have advised against just going for a format and install but to be honest I would be VERY surprised if you could even get it to go further than the bios screen. What I reckon is that the hard drive has just died good and proper!
Not nice and, if you hear a real bad grinding sound it can mean the chances of recovering data are slim to nil.
Let us know what happens when you try to boot up normally.
...does the PC say 'System disc not recognised'/ 'Insert system Disc' or words to that effect?

  JBX22 19:32 26 Feb 2007

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies. I'm going there tomorrow night so I'll see what happens - but I suspect it's nit good. I could just get a new HD and install that, right?


  JBX22 21:20 27 Feb 2007

Dear All,

Have now seen my friend's machine. Gets to "Boot Failure" and asks for system disc in A. If I use the recovery disc, it says "Error 07 - no hard disc". Also if I go into the bios it says "not installed" under primary and slave where the HD should be.

SO I have the following querties:

Am I right in thinking the HD is dead and her data gone?

I've removed it (40GB Maxtor)and will replace it - can I use say 60GB - or will it be physically bigger and maybe not fit?

How do I get it to format (will partition as suggested elsewhere) and then load OS? IS this easy-ish or am I in for a long night?

ANy help greatfully received,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:42 28 Feb 2007

60G will fit, all 3.5 inch IDE hard drives are physically the same dimensions.

Reset BIOS to boot from CD and load XP? from the CD, follow the prompts to format and install XP.

If her opsystem was preinstalled any XP CD willdo as long as it matche home or Pro whatever she had on.
Use the product key from the sticker on her machine when asked.

  2neat 12:49 28 Feb 2007

You could set the drive as slave & try in another pc. Your girlfriend will have lost all data if this fails.
It could take a few hours to reload & setup BB etc.

Good luck ;-)

  JBX22 14:03 28 Feb 2007


Thanks for your thoughts. They will prove very helpful.

If I want to try to recover her data for her don't I need ribbon cables and stuff to set the old drive as a slave? And this involves jumpers/dipo switches. Is there an easy way to set these?
Also if it won't boot would another machine be able to access it?

Thanks again

  Bailey08787 14:13 28 Feb 2007

Just set the new drive in the bios as the one to boot from - and the other will be the slave.

If the old drive contains essential data, there are many data recovery programmes out there - if you don't want to risk trying one of those, take the drive into a repair shop and ask them to do it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:42 28 Feb 2007

Fit as slave on the second slot on the cable and change the plastic jumper to the slave postion diagram will be on the drive.

However if it has made severe grinding noises it may be unrecoverable. and the PC may not boot with that drive connected.

  JBX22 14:44 28 Feb 2007

Cheers Guys,

Thanks for the help. Will try this over the next few days.

To infinity and beyond........

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