Boot Failure

  celticdragon 18:02 15 Mar 2009

Hi Folks, I've got a big problem with total boot failure on my PC, I'm hoping you guys can help.
I'll start at the beginning.
My computer was running normally when I decided to transfer some photo's, from my mobile phone to the computer, using the USB cable. I'd done this before with no problems, but on this occasion it was connecting and disconnecting very quickly, as if there was a loose connection or something. Anyway, the screen then froze and the computer was unresponsive so I hit the reset button to re-boot.
This is where I'm having the major problem as the computer powers up and then powers down again after about 2 seconds, before the "beep". the screen doesn't come on and it never gets to the Bios, it just shuts down.
All the fans are powering up, including the PSU's, for 2 seconds anyway. Can anyone help?

Asus Crosshair motherboard
AMD 3.1 ghz dual-core
4 GB memory 800ghz
Nvidia 8600GTS 256mb
250 GB hard drive
Vista Home Premium
500W PSU

any help much appreciated!

  rawprawn 18:26 15 Mar 2009

Can you boot in safe mode, and do a system restore?

  thms 18:31 15 Mar 2009

1: Try booting with all usb connections removed.

2: Try resetting the cmos by either using the jumper on the motherboard or by removing the battery.
Switch of power first though.

3: Disconnect HDD and try booting with just graphics card and one stick of memory.

4: Try using another PSU to see if original is faulty.

  celticdragon 18:32 15 Mar 2009

No, I can't even get to that option, the screen doesn't come on as normal and the PC shuts down before I get the chance to do anything.

  celticdragon 18:35 15 Mar 2009

Thanks, I'll give your instructions a try, although I've just tried resetting the cmos, with no improvement.

  RobCharles1981 18:41 15 Mar 2009

Asus Crosshair motherboard

Any Clues on the LCD Poster Screen to go on with ??

  celticdragon 18:45 15 Mar 2009

Not really, It reads "CPU INIT" and doesn't change from that before it shuts down.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 15 Mar 2009

check power plug to motherboard and cpu power connection(4pin)

CPU INT is cpu or motherboard problem but your symptoms are classic loss of power from PSU.

  thms 19:00 15 Mar 2009

Agree with Fruit Bat this has all the signs of a failling PSU. This would explain the erratic usb problem.

  celticdragon 00:26 21 Mar 2009

I just wanted to come back and finish this thread for anybody coming across it in the future.
I ended up taking my PC to be tested at a local PC repair shop. I was hoping by then that it was the PSU that had gone.
In actual fact, my Motherboards' USB controller had fried, meaning I had to buy a new motherboard! On the bright side though, I hadn't lost any files and am now back up and running.
Thanks to everyone for their advice though.

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