Boot failure !

  ineedalabotomy 09:52 27 Jan 2009

Hello, Could anyone help please.. when I switch PC on i get "Boot failure insert system disc and press enter" i don't have a boot disc as PC bought s/h and had xp prof pre installed ! I have managed to start PC after re booting from the on off switch & dare not switch it off !! can i make a boot disc from scratch or is it more complex ?
And why do i get this message ?.....Thanks..Steve

  johndrew 10:21 27 Jan 2009

Have you got a backup of your data? Acronis or similar?

You should also have the serial number of your XP installation and a CD with XP Pro would be helpful.

You can make a boot disk but not a copy of XP Pro which is what you need.

Whilst the PC was shut down did you opened the PC up and check all connections to drives, motherboard, cards, etc?

If you decide to try this make certain you unplug from the mains first.

The fault may be other things but this is a hardware starting point.

  ineedalabotomy 14:12 27 Jan 2009

Hi, Thanks for your reply ! i haven't Acronis or a back up !! guess i need to do this before i do anything With the PC ? Is there any freeware to do this ? I do have an xp disc with serial no, but when put into the drive still comes up with the warning !! I could check all connections first though !after backing up !

  johndrew 16:25 27 Jan 2009

Backup software: this has been recommended in these Forums but I have no knowledge of it, it is free click here. You would be wise to backup before you go any further, preferably to an external drive.

`.. when put into the drive still comes up with the warning`
Is this when trying to boot from it or when the PC is already running?

If you insert the XP CD with the PC running it should be read - it should open a window; does this happen?

If so close the window and leave the CD in the drive. Go to `Start/Run` and type `sfc /scannow` - note the space between `sfc` and `/` - click `OK` and your essential system files will be scanned and if damaged replaced. This may take some time so leave it until complete. More info on scannow here click here, you may wish to bookmark this link.

If the drive fails to recognise the XP CD you may need to carry out a repair which will require you to shutdown the PC. Before you do this, go to this link click here set up the CHKDSK operation for your boot drive a restart will be necessary. At this point shut the PC down, disconnect from the mains supply and check all connections.

  ashdav 08:32 28 Jan 2009

Check that the computer is set to boot from cd first in the bios.
If it's trying to boot as normal with a disc in it the boot order needs changing.

  ineedalabotomy 10:07 02 Feb 2009

Thanks for your help! managed to sort it using the WFP suggested by Johndrew. One other problem now, is every thing on my pc from desk top icons to script, is very large & would like to know how to make them the correct size again ? I know i ticked a box somewhere when messing around, but canott remember where !....cheers

  birdface 10:15 02 Feb 2009

View .Set text size to medium & zoom to 100.Not sure if that helps or whether you have to change screen resolution in display.

  ineedalabotomy 10:33 02 Feb 2009

Cheers buteman ! reset display res & now back to normal! "pc's don't you just luv em" !!.....steve

  ineedalabotomy 12:32 02 Feb 2009

I don't believe it !(V-Meldrew moment) when i scroll a web page it is in a slight wave formation ! getting a bit sea sick tbh ! can anyone help again please ? tried setting the amount of pages it scrolls in the mouse settings, but no good ! tried re-installing my Ge force 4 mx graphics driver ! any ideas appreciated.

  ineedalabotomy 14:31 02 Feb 2009

PC has just completely shut down ! think i may a Hardware problem somewhere, but not sure where ! i will try all connectors again !...haven't anything to back up too yet, need to buy an external h/drive first ! can i back up to a dvd+R ? until i find my skis !!

  johndrew 15:59 02 Feb 2009

`can i back up to a dvd+R ?`

Depends on your backup software, but most will let you. You will need a few to do this and it will take some time.

From the way your PC just shut down it does sound like hardware either overheating or starting to fail. I suggest you check all fans are running, and are clean, you should also check the CPU heatsink finning is not clogged with dust. A brush around with a small, clean paintbrush in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner may help.

If the problem persists without data corruption I suspect your PSU. if the data corrupts it may well be the HDD which is failing.

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