boot failure

  nosmo 16:41 13 Mar 2006

A friend has given me his old computer a Tiny Model TI44 OBXM.It is not in working order,but I have a disc "Factory Reset".When I put this in the drive,it starts up then I get "Error 88.Unable to find correct drive"I would appreciate any help.

  User-312386 17:08 13 Mar 2006

The old tiny models had to have the floppy disc and the Factory reset disc. Do you have both?

  nosmo 17:20 13 Mar 2006

thanks for quick reply.No I only have CD no floppy,I have been searching the forum,and someone else had this problem(14/4/05).I thought I might find a link to get a floppy,but no luck.

  nosmo 17:34 13 Mar 2006

Sorry that should read "find a link to make a floppy"

  User-312386 19:51 13 Mar 2006

Why not just load a new O/S and wipe it clean?

  nosmo 21:01 13 Mar 2006

I can't get into safe mode or any drive info at all.Message on screen says,
Boot failure.Reboot and select proper boot drive or insert boot media in selected boot device.
Starts tO load then get error 88.
If I take your advice to load new O/S,would it just be a case of load disc and Run.Iam sorry If I seem a bit thick,but that is why I came to begginers forum

  terryf 01:18 14 Mar 2006

It might be that 'someone' has altered the boot device oprder in the bios, When the system is booting up with lots of characters on the screen, press DEL to get into the Bios setup, click on Advanced Bios features, read the instructions usually on the rhs of the screen, (not all bios are the same), make sure that the CD drive is 1st boot device followed by HD. Often you page up and down to change these, when finished press F10 to save the changes (make a note of what you did), then reboot with your OS CD in the drive.

  nosmo 13:00 14 Mar 2006

thank's will try this,but from reading other posts I think I need a the boot disc for this computer.I haven't much know how,but the friend who gave me the computer has even less,so I dont think he would be able to alter Bios setup.Perhaps if I ask on the main forum,someone may help with boot disc problem.Thankyou for reply,much appreciated.

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