Boot error and BSOD combine to leave me at a loss

  vitalstatistics 23:17 27 Oct 2010

Hi PC enthusiasts, I would be grateful if someone can help because currently my PC is completely locked out.

My PC has been working fine with no problems for over a year and in that time it hasn't been opened or even moved.

The other say I turned it on and as soon as it got past bios it said DISK LOAD ERROR, PLEASE ENTER SYSTEM DISK and I couldn't even get onto vista or far enough in to get into safe mode or anything else.

I look in my bios and it seems that it is no longer recognising my hard drive any more. I haven't touched my hard drive and when I check the connections are fine. I put it higher in priority and still nothing.

The second problem happened when I put my system disc in. It is vista home premium 32bit and when it starts to load the green bar stops and I get a BSOD which is an IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error which is caused by nvstor.sys.

From what I can gather on the net is that this is an nvidia driver which needs to be deleted and replaced from within the PC settings.

My problem here is that the two problems are combining to ruin my chances of sorting out either. I cannot get onto the PC because of the DISK BOOT ERROR and I cannot load the system disc I need to load because of the BSOD which I can't fix without first fixing the load error.

What can I do to get my PC back online?

I would really appreciate some advice as I am at a loss and really need my PC back online.

My system

Q6600 @ 2.4GHZ
GTX 260
SATA 500GB Hard Drive
ASUS P5N-E-SLI Motherboard
Windows Vista 32gb Home Premium

  lotvic 01:24 28 Oct 2010

You say
"I look in my bios and it seems that it is no longer recognising my hard drive any more. I haven't touched my hard drive and when I check the connections are fine. I put it higher in priority and still nothing."

which seems to contradict, how could you put it higher in priority if it is no longer recognised?
Can you explain further on that point?

You need to have it recognised in the bios as it is the bios that tells pc what to boot into.

In order to test that the harddrive is not dead, is there anyway you can take the harddrive out and hook it up as a (slave) secondary drive in another pc to see if you can read its contents, which will then prove that the harddrive is okay and not dead.

  lotvic 01:30 28 Oct 2010

Oh, and try the steps outlined on click here

  rdave13 01:39 28 Oct 2010

Disk boot error is ususlly the harddrive. Set CD drive as first boot in bios and save. Insert Vista disc in drive, reboot and when you get the message "press any key to boot from CD drive" do so. click here

  vitalstatistics 01:46 28 Oct 2010

I went onto the main tab in my bios and the only thing which was recognised was my DVD RW. There were sections for primary and secondary IDE and 3 or 4 sata slots (my HDD is a sata in slot 1) but they were not bringing anything up (not detected).

I then went into boot device priority and swapped removable which was at 1 for HDD which was at 2 although it didn't work and neither did I expect it to with nothing coming up in the main.

If HDD comes up with as an option in the priorities does that mean that it has to be recognised? In which case why isn't it showing in the main tab and what could be wrong?

I can post up screens tomorrow if needed.

I don't have another PC to connect it to but I have a laptop although I doubt I have the required connections.

  vitalstatistics 01:47 28 Oct 2010

RDAVE: I have done it but the nvstor.sys error gives a BSOD before the vista disc is loaded so it won't run.

  lotvic 02:00 28 Oct 2010

do you have another sata harddrive that you can try in the pc? (take out the problem one and put another in in its place) and see if it is recognised by the bios.

  vitalstatistics 13:37 28 Oct 2010

No I don't have another one and I don't really want to buy one unless I have to. Especially as this may not even fix it. There is so much important work on my HDD I am praying that it is not a dead HDD.

I have a laptop HDD which I can put in, I have the adapter to make it from 2.5mm to 3.5mm IDE. I could try and put that one in, hoepfully I have all the required components although I have never changed a HDD before. Would that work?

  lotvic 16:29 28 Oct 2010

Can't see the point in testing an IDE as I thought your problem was with SATA drive being recognised.

You say you checked the connections on the SATA, did you unplug and then replug the cables (reseat) to make sure they were firmly in place and hadn't worked loose (that could be why drive is not being recognised if the connections are even a tiny bit loose)
(obviously have the pc switched off at the wall before you do that)

If so, then I think your main priority now should be to hook your SATA up as a (slave) secondary drive in another pc to see if you can rescue/copy/backup to somewhere else the important files that you want to keep.
Then you can start to sort the drive out without worrying if you are going to lose the lot.

  vitalstatistics 16:40 28 Oct 2010

I did take them back out and back in previously but nothing changed, I will try it one more time.

I just hooked up my laptop IDE HDD via an adapter and the bios recognised the hard drive in the master slot but the DISK LOAD ERROR still came up and because the HDD operating system is XP on that the vista disk wouldn't do anything.

I did get an option to do an IBM recovery if I pressed f11 within the 3 second time frame before it restarts but after I press f11 it says there is a significant error and cancels.

I don't know if there is any significance in that?

I will take it out now and try the sata HDD again which is currently unplugged.

Is there no back door way of fixing the nvstor.sys BSOD to make the vista disc work?

Thanks for your help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:55 28 Oct 2010

1. make sure dive is plugged into the SATA 1 port

2. HAve you just had a windows update? this appears to cause the nvstor.sys problem

click here to download a patch to fix

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