boot into dos prompt from CD ROM

  trickydicky 13:47 16 Dec 2006

I have copied the i386 folder from my Win XP CD onto a small partition on my laptop hard drive as I seem to have a duff CD drive on my laptop, but I am now faced with being able to access these files as I do not have a floppy drive on my laptop, so I was wondering how I can make a boot CD that would load up a DOS prompt that would allow me to access the NTFS files on my laptop. I have tried Bart,s PE but that does not seem to work or I am doing something wrong. I have set my BIOS to boot from the CD ROM first

  rodriguez 14:45 16 Dec 2006

click here for a bootable CD image of NTFS4DOS. When this boots, it should allow you to access the NTFS file system on your laptop from within DOS.

  postie24 14:49 16 Dec 2006

What is actually up with the cd drive? Have you removed any burning software lately? Does it play dvds,but not cds?

  trickydicky 15:09 16 Dec 2006

my DVD CD RW drive will not read\access any CD-Rs but will read DVD-Rs and any genuine CDs and DVDs

  postie24 17:03 16 Dec 2006

It might be the laser playing up.You have two lasers,one for playing dvds,the other for cds.The laser may have become weak,so its struggling to read a cd-r

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