Boot Up in DOS

  the golfer 12:14 12 Mar 2004

My Grandson's PC always boots up in DOS, why I don't know. It is certainly not a normal boot-up. The system is Windows 98. Can anyone help???

  Sethhaniel 12:33 12 Mar 2004

right click on it - select edit

should be a line c:\windows\win.exe

if its there it might have been disabled

i.e rem:c:\windows\win.exe
if so just remove the rem: from in front save and
restart - a backup is automatically formed Autoexec.bak in case you need to revert back

if line is not there just tyope it in

save and restart computer

  scotty 12:35 12 Mar 2004

From memory, I think Win98 uses instructions held in a file called C:\autoexec.bat. You can read/edit this file in Notepad. More or less the last line in this file will be the instruction to load Windows. Perhaps this instruction is missing? Check this file and report back what it contains.

  Eric10 14:10 12 Mar 2004

The advice you've been given relates to Windows 3.1 not Windows 98. In the root of your C: drive is a hidden file called MSDOS.SYS which you can open in Notepad once you've set your system to show hidden files. One line of this file should read 'BootGUI=1' but if it reads 'BootGUI=0' instead, then your PC will boot to the command prompt instead of going straight into Windows. Just change the 0 to 1 and save the file. Reboot your PC and all should be well.

  Sheila-214876 14:20 12 Mar 2004

When you say "Boot up in DOS" what exactly do you mean? Where does it finally end up? How do you then get in to Windows? Is it Win 98 or Win 98SE?

Windows doesn't actually need autoexec.bat or config.sys If you can get in to Windows find both these files and delete them. Shut down the computer and then re-start it, Windows will make another autoexec.bat and config.sys for you with the minimum requirements. Another option is to use a bootdisk with CD support from click here and re-install Windows over the top. (doesn't always work). You could also try scanreg /restore but if it has always started in DOS that probably won't work as it only holds the last 5 "good" boots. The last resort is to fdisk, partition and format the hard disk and re-install everything again.

  the golfer 18:23 12 Mar 2004

Hi Ennuye and all. His computer starts up "half and half" in both DOS and normal start up.

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