Boot disk needed (?)

  riceuten 12:27 28 Jul 2008

Go easy on me - a relative newbie here!

Rather stupidly, I obeyed an instruction from an obsolete piece of Virus scanning software to delete a particular file that appears to be vital for the functioning of my laptop. It's an Amilo M 7400 Centrino 1.4 combo running Windows XP Home Edition.

When it boots up, I get to the splash screen, but then come to a screen telling me that the computer did not shut down properly, and asking me if I want to do a "safe start", "safe start with networking", or a "normal start". Hitting any of these options brings me (eventually) back to this screen. I have a kind of Linux boot disk, which starts the computer but thereafter, I'm clueless, so I assume that there are no physical problems with the computer, and that what I have actually done is to delete something vital for XP to start up.

I am wondering if what I need is a boot disk, that would allow me to either repair this installation, and how I would go about getting one. I have also searched high and low for the recovery disk and cannot locate it. Could I source either of these from the people who sold me the laptop a couple of years ago ? The recovery disk is of course the nuclear option, but may be my only choice.

Any help at all would be gratefully received.

  Ditch999 12:36 28 Jul 2008

If you can borrow a friends XP cd (it must be the same OS as yours eg XP Home SP2) you can use it to perform a repair of XP click here but you will need an XP cd anyway to try to fix this if you cannot even boot up.

  pj123 12:37 28 Jul 2008

Have you tried "Last known good configuration"?

Boot your computer and keep hitting the F8 key until you get a menu.

One of the items on the menu is Last known good configuration.

Give it a try.

  riceuten 12:41 28 Jul 2008

....sadly this does not work. I think because I turned off the option to make a copy of the c drive. It just returns me to the same screen. Thanks anyway.

Ditch999, the laptop was shipped with XP SP1, will this make a difference? I downloaded SP2 a while ago, though. Thanks for the link as well.

  Ditch999 12:42 28 Jul 2008

You will need an XP CD with SP2 on it then.
Carry out the Repair if/when you get it.

  Ditch999 12:44 28 Jul 2008

A Recovery Disc will format the hard drive and reinstall the OS the way it was when you bought it. All your data (if it was on the C: drive) will be lost.

  riceuten 12:48 28 Jul 2008

I had assumed that's what one did. I've been advised to get hold of a Windows XP Home Edition OEM CD, though where I can get hold of one now is somewhat of a mystery.


  BBW 12:54 28 Jul 2008

If you can get an XP Home disc. Allow it to boot up from the CDROM drive, from there it is possible to carry out a repair of windows without losss of files and configurations!

  BBW 12:55 28 Jul 2008

It might be time to go down to the local computer repair man!

  riceuten 13:07 28 Jul 2008

Indeed it may - I was hoping to avoid that cost if possible ;-)

  Ditch999 13:08 28 Jul 2008

Borrow a CD!!!

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