Boot Disc Failure

  morddwyd 16:50 04 Nov 2009

After a crash and a "Windows is recovering from a serious error" and then the option to repair., (which failed) I get a "Boot disc Failure. Insert System Disc" message. POST is normal

Annoying, but not unknown. Reinstall the o/s, no problem, boot up as normal, until I remove the boot CD.

If I then restart I am back to "Boot Disc Failure.

I can only boot from a CD, doesn't matter what cd as long as it's bootable - Acronis, Partition Magic, XP installation disc, Win 7 RC or Win 7 retail they all work.

It also doesn't matter what o/s is on the hard disc XP or Win 7 or even an Acronis image (this is an Acronis Win RC image from 9 October). they all run perfectly well once booted, I just can't boot from the hard disc, but any o/s on the disc, and all the programmes, run OK.

Is this a hard disc problem and can I get round it by cleaning up the boot sector?

Totally new to me, and I don't recall ever hearing of a similar problem.

  GaT7 16:58 04 Nov 2009

Enter the BIOS & check that the correct drive/partition is selected as the first boot drive. G

  GaT7 16:59 04 Nov 2009

It should be the one that contains the freshly installed OS. G

  morddwyd 18:57 04 Nov 2009

Got it one, Crossbow, many thanks.

I have a hard drive which I removed from an old laptop and mounted as an external, connected through an external SATA socket.

This had somehow become the the primary drive.

Cautionary tale - don't use a SATA socket if you have a USB socket available!

  bgrave 21:33 04 Nov 2009

Have you tried breaking the connection on the HD and then remaking.

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