Boot disc failure

  hiwatt 10:00 23 May 2009

Morning folks.I booted my computer up this morning and instead of the welcome screen there was a black screen saying "boot disc failure boot from cd and pres enter"Nothing happened when pressing enter so I just had to switch the system off from the tower.After switching it back on it's all ok again?Any idea what can cause this?Is the hardrive on the way out?

  Taff™ 10:03 23 May 2009

Is there a disc in the CD drive?

  hiwatt 10:04 23 May 2009

No Taff there isn't.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 23 May 2009

Boot to BIOS and check BIOS can see your hard drive, if not check cable connections to hard drive and motherboard.

If BIOS can see har drive then set first boot device to CD drive save and exit. Boot the machine with the XP cd in the drive and when the xp files have loaded select R to go to recovery console.

In recovery console at the C;\ prompt type fixmbr press Ok then type fixboot press OK. Type exit to escape from recovery console.

Remove XP CD and then see if it boots to windows.

  hiwatt 14:20 23 May 2009

I've not got an XP cd,it came preinstalled.I do however have the recovery console installed.I've done a check disk already from within tools/error checking and when I reboot the machine all is ok and the boot disc failure warning wasn't there.Do you think this could be the drive on the way out?

  woodchip 14:28 23 May 2009

may be a loose cable on the drive, or motherboard

  hiwatt 15:45 23 May 2009

The tower hasn't been opened,could,I suppose it could have came loose itself.I hope it something like that and not the drive on the way out.

  woodchip 15:48 23 May 2009

yes it can work loose, have you check BIOS to make sure the Drive is Detected?

  hiwatt 16:21 23 May 2009

No I haven't,I'll do that when I'm at home.Although it's not been tampered with and the hard drive was set as 1st boot device in the past.

  DieSse 16:34 23 May 2009

"...have you check BIOS to make sure the Drive is Detected?"

Of course it's detected - the system is now working - ergo it must be detected.

A bad connection on a cable could be the cause of an intermittent error though. I suggest you remove and replace firmly at each end. I've already seen a couple of intermittent SATA cables which seemed to be at the drive end - they just didn't fit securely enough.

  hiwatt 09:57 25 May 2009

Well all is back to normal without me doing anything so I don't think it's a loose cable either?

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