Boot device not found

  rawprawn 17:53 26 Jun 2006

This is my third post on this subject, it is an intermitant fault. I have cleaned the psu and run chkdsk. However this morning I again had problems, and the only way I could get the machine to start was to play around with the IDE connections to the motherboard and HDDs. I found nothing wrong (again) but after that it booted OK. I am trying to borrow anothe IDE cable to check that, but any other ideas welcome. I really feel it is aconnectin problem.

  mgmcc 18:06 26 Jun 2006

If it fails to find the boot device and you press the reset button, does it then boot normally? If so, that could indicate that the hard drive isn't spinning up quickly enough initially to be able to boot from it. There may also be a "fast boot" option in the BIOS which, if enabled, doesn't give the drive time to spin up. The assumption is that the hard drive is becoming less spritely in its old age than it used to be ;-)

  rawprawn 18:27 26 Jun 2006

I have disabled Fast Boot in BIOS to see if that helps,if you mean turning off and then back on (I'm not sure what you mean by reset button) no it doesn't always work. It hasdone in the past but this morning no luck at all until I fiddled with the IDE connections.
I don't think I have a reset button, (Dell Dimension 4300). the HD is only about 18 m0nths old, I use the original as a slave.

  rawprawn 19:08 27 Jun 2006

Bump-I have just installed a new IDE Cable to see if that helps. Any other ideas still welcome.If not I think the HDD must be on it's last legs, which is a shame bcause it is only 1 year and 2 months old.

  Ray5776 21:12 27 Jun 2006

Dont rule out HDD failure, I had two Hitachi 120G fail within 2 weeks, both about 14mnths old, hope I am wrong but suggest you back up just in case.

  rawprawn 07:55 28 Jun 2006

Thanks Ray, I am already backed up just in case.

  rawprawn 11:40 28 Jun 2006

I will tick this as resolved, but although I have had no problems since installing the new IDE cable, I will just have to wait and see. If it is not cured I will get a new HD.

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