Electronic_Eric 15:58 17 Mar 2009

My computer has stopped booting from one certain harddrive that i have. I have two or three different harddrives with different operating systems/settings for different activities.

When it gets to verifying DMI, just before the windows splash screen appears it tells me there isnt a boot sector on the harddrive and i should boot from CD.

I have booted-up using a different harddrive(the harddrive i am using right now) with the faulty harddrive on as a secondary harddrive. I can access the harddrive and it doesnt seem to have a fault with it. I cant hear any funny noises either. I have used the same SATA lead and port with this harddrive as i did with the one with the fault. So its not a motherboard or data cable fault.

I assume i have been attacked by a virus. I had my account set as an admin with a password. So i cant access the files on my account from the harddrive that i am using.
Is there anyway that i can take off the restriction? I want to copy all of my files and re-install windows from a formatted harddrive.
Even better would to be able to boot-up my computer using the harddrive with the fault. So i can take note of all the serial numbers that i have had to buy over the years. Is there anyway i can restore the boot sector?

Cheers for any help given

  Zeppelyn 16:44 17 Mar 2009

What OS are you trying to boot on the problem drive, you should be able to boot either using a boot manager on first drive.

  Electronic_Eric 16:48 17 Mar 2009

I am using windows xp. I told a slight lie, when it reaches verifying DMI pool. It tells me that there is the boot-up failed

  crosstrainer 17:03 17 Mar 2009

Sounds like a corrupt or missing MBR.. an you boot with the o/s cd / dvd in the drive?

If it's vista, you can choose the repair option (assuming it can see the installation)

Remember to set your optical drive to first boot device....AND if it cant see the installation, cancel it or the operating system will install over anything thats still present.

  Electronic_Eric 17:19 17 Mar 2009


Sounds like a corrupt or missing MBR.. an you boot with the o/s cd / dvd in the drive?
I did try it with the installtion disk and it didnt see a partition on it.

After i booted-up my computer with this harddrive in as the master and the faulty one as the slave. My computer saw my other harddrive on its own and it did a 3 step thing. It deleted a few things that is called an orphan blah blah blah.....
Any ideas?

  crosstrainer 07:52 18 Mar 2009

Try booting with just the drive you want windows on at first. Assuming that these are IDE drives and not SATA (All sata drives are masters)

If windows installs to the one drive, re-connect the old one as slave.

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