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  Yorkie 1 10:19 26 Dec 2005

Hi There, has anyone encountered this problem and overcome it? When I switch on the power and press the start button in the mornings, the computer will start to boot up then stall. this can happen at various stages sometimes not even reaching the first "pip" sound, but pressing the restart will start the boot up process again and reach a further stage. it takes anywhere from 1 restart to about 5 or 6, to get up and running, but then everything works fine. It may be a little slow or it may be my fancy, but the computer does all I ask of it once it is going.
Hope you can help

  woodchip 10:50 26 Dec 2005

Sounds like the first thing to try is a New more Power i.e Watts PSU as it may be failing. It's not warming up as it should, Windows as nothing to do with it if it's doing it while Post and discover Hardware

  PC Bilbo 11:54 26 Dec 2005

I think woodchip is probably right, it sounds like a possible capacitor problem in the power supply.

You could, if you are competent with a multimeter, check this with the probes inserted into the Mobo power skt on start up in turn Yellow =12V Red =5v and )Orange 3v but I stress only attempt this if you or someone you know is competent otherwise do what woodchip says and try another supply.

Most often I find the 5v rail is the suspect one if you do try metering.

  Yorkie 1 13:52 26 Dec 2005

Thank You woodchip and PC Bilbo for your help. I fear I am not competant enough to go messing with the innards of the computer much as I would like to, so it looks like I need help from someone localy who is conversant with the works, but it is great that there are such as you two willing to try to help.

  woodchip 14:24 26 Dec 2005

PSU is easy to change, first take the side from off computer , Normaly 2 screws at the back left edge looking from front. when side off you will see a box at the top back, that is the PSU all the cable coming from it can be removed and a new one connected one at a time they cannot be mixed up, the main plug to the motherboard should if it is about two years old have a 20 wire plug newer may have 24 you need to get a matching PSU that means plugs, size should be marked on the box in WATT's Get on bigger in size. It is held in place by four screws at the back round the fan opening

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:43 26 Dec 2005

Guide to changing PSU click here

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