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  eljanno 11:30 19 Oct 2004

Hi guy's
Can i pick your brains again.
I just switched my PC on and on the screen that shows what devices are connected (ie. hard drive, cd roms ect) I had the message "cemos settings are wrong or low, just forgot which it was I think it was Low, ..Press F2 to load default. I pressed F2 and all seems to be working ok. Anyone any ideas what happening.

  JonnyTub 11:33 19 Oct 2004

probably a dead or dying cmos battery. Cheap enough and easy enough to replace.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:34 19 Oct 2004

Sounds like the CMOS battery needs changing - it is a little battery on the motherbaord and can easily be replaced.

Turn off the pc and try again - not a restart, but a cold boot and see if the message appears again.

  Muzzsjm 11:35 19 Oct 2004

Yep most likely thing, you know when its dead as your PC's time will be out etc.

Can get a battery for under £3.

  eljanno 11:39 19 Oct 2004

If I pick up a new battery from PC world haow do I fit it? will I need to go in to the bios and mess in there.

  JonnyTub 11:41 19 Oct 2004

You should refer to your motherboard manual.

  eljanno 11:45 19 Oct 2004

God knows where that is, so apart from the time what else can happen, wil I still be able to use the PC.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:51 19 Oct 2004

click here for Everest to id your motherboard and go to the manufacturer site for best info.

  JonnyTub 11:54 19 Oct 2004

yes you can still use it, you'll just find that on restarting from power down, everythings reset and you have to re-adjust.

Post your motherboard make and model by using everest from Diodorus Siculus's link and someone i'm sure will be able to advise on the your particular procedure.

  eljanno 12:07 19 Oct 2004

Thanks Jonny, and Diodorus
My motherboard make and model is as follows


  JonnyTub 12:17 19 Oct 2004

Did everest identify your socket type aswell? if so what is it?

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