bookmarks in one long list ??

  Morpheus© 10:16 02 May 2003

in IE6 the list of bookmarks is in two sections i have a "A TO Z" then is starts again with another "A TO Z" can i not have them in one long list, right clicking the list and selecting sort by name still does it in two halfs. if that makes sense..


  -pops- 10:28 02 May 2003

Are the two halves folders then individual items?

Why not categorise your favorites list and put into further folders and subfolders? This way your list will appear shorter and various items should be easier to find as you don't have to trawl down miles of listings. It's dead easy to make new folders in IE.

  Craig.m 10:29 02 May 2003

Sounds a bit strange how are you viewing it? If you view it in IE it is often a pain to make it keep any sorts, if it does it at all but if you go into C:\windows\favourites - or the equivalent, dependant on your operating system, you can open the folder itself and do the sorting in there and it should do a better job of it. If that is what you are doing I am not sure what is causing it.


  Morpheus© 10:34 02 May 2003

hi, as i see it,it is one long list

it goes from" ADSL" down to "zd-net" the starts again at "activicons" down to "Yakima scanner" all told there is about 350 of them..

  Craig.m 10:38 02 May 2003

Is this viewing it through your favourites button in IE or are you in the folder through your file structure - using windows explorer?

  Morpheus© 10:44 02 May 2003

this is clicking the FAVORITES at the top of the screen


  -pops- 10:49 02 May 2003

There are normally two "favorites" at the top of the screen. One on File Edit View etc and another alongside a gold star. Which one?

  Morpheus© 10:59 02 May 2003

hi.. the file,edit,view.........

  -pops- 11:01 02 May 2003

It may just because of the sheer number of favorites that you have - 350 is an enormous amount to have floating like that. Try putting them into folders and see how that goes.


  Morpheus© 11:05 02 May 2003

ok i will try that...thanks

you know what it is like, you come across a site, that looks like it might come in usefull, and in case you can never find it again, in the Fav's it goes.........

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