Bookmarks no longer appear on my windows 7 home screen

  harris99 15:31 25 Aug 2013

Bookmarks used to appear on my Windows 7 Home screen, but now quite suddenly it no longer does. It appears on one of the bars on the top of the screen,and I can,of course, still access my bookmarks, but it is not quite so convenient. Why has this happened and can I go back to having them back on my home screen?


  Woolwell 17:11 25 Aug 2013

I don't think that you mean Windows 7 Home screen but the home page for your browser. Which browser are you using?

  harris99 13:56 26 Aug 2013

Sorry, yes I mean home page. Browser is Mozilla Firefox

  tullie 14:01 26 Aug 2013

When you right click at the top of the page,is your bookmarks toolbar ticked?

  Woolwell 17:48 26 Aug 2013

Right click and menu bar ticked?

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