Boo Hoo - I've broken my PC

  georgemac 20:33 04 Sep 2004

went to fit a new athlon xp3000 to my asus a7v333 motherboard, decided to fit a new quieter heatsink/fan click here and I could not get it on, had to use considerable force and still never got it on. No mention of this in the reviews - yet!

Fitted my old coolermaster dream cooler (which is also hard due to the design of the a7v333 because the clip is right on top of the ram modules, meaning you have to fit the ram and then clip on the heatsink - very difficult.)

Anyway powered up and got the asus voice telling me "system failed memory test" so removed one of the ddr dimm's and powered up and got nothing at all :-((

Fitted both dimms to my sons PC (which I ma on now) and they are both fine, so I am assuming I have damaged the motherboard, no beeps, no post voice messages.

I fitted the old xp2000 back to the mobo & the same, no beeps - no voice.

I ma just hoping I have not damaged the new xp3000 cpu, but I have no way of testing it until I get a new motherboard.

I will be away on Tuesday at work for 2 weeks, so have a little time to decide what to get, and here is where you can help.

I want a motherboard with plenty of room around the cpu slot, and with the memory slots some distance away. I also want a very effective heatsink which is easy to fit.

I may also go for a new case which makes removing components easier, do you get ones now where the motherboard slides out?

I have fitted the 2nd hard drive from my pc into this one, so at least I have all my data ready to hand. Glad of any advice or recommmendations.

  Valvegrid 20:39 04 Sep 2004

There, there, come to mummy, she'll kiss it all better :-)

Seriously though, you may find it more profitable putting this in Helproom instead.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

  georgemac 21:29 04 Sep 2004

thought it would get lost in the helproom.

Have started to look around a little. I like ASUS motherboards, the a7v333 is the first failure I've had, was a clearance item from ebuyer for £25 and I broke it, although poor design and too many components too close to the cpu socket contributed.

My main stumbling block is the xp3000 - I don't know if I have damaged this - if I have I would consider buying a new base unit with serial hard drive etc.

  helmetshine 22:23 04 Sep 2004

Just looking on the Asus site click here according to the specs it doesn't support the 3400+ chip...goes up to 2Ghz..which would be about the 2600+...and the one with the 266FSB at that...the 3400+ has a 333 FSB...unless there's a BIOS update to allow it to use that chip and FSB

Don't know if fitting the wrong chip would damge it or the m/board...or both tho

  georgemac 01:23 05 Sep 2004

which I had goes to xp3000 - 333 fsb model - this is the cpu I hopefully still have working! Only time will tell.

On reflection the design is poor - if the cpu mounting bracket heatsink clips had more clearance between the board & clip, h/sink fitting would be easier. Also more space should be left free around cpu socket - I am sure the h/sink bracket was catching some solder joints/contacts - lesson learned - hopefully!

  helmetshine 02:45 05 Sep 2004

AH..i see

I've had an earlier board..thats why mine wouldn't take a 3000+

i must agree that getting the h/sink on is a pig.

  georgemac 07:45 06 Sep 2004

looking at these as I want to ensure I get good cooling click here

click here

anyone had experience with chieftec cases? reviews are good.

Also looking at MSI motherboards as the heatsink clips seem to be kept pretty clear of board components.

  Belatucadrus 11:16 06 Sep 2004

I recently fitted the Arctic Super silent 4 click here to a P4 Medion, this was also a pain, due to Medion using their own fan mount chassis. But when done the PC was a lot quieter. This doesn't help with your current problems, but you should get a worth while improvement when you get everything back up and running.

  georgemac 12:38 06 Sep 2004

ebuyer have free shiiping on the chieftec BX-01B-SL-BL Silver Case with Blue Panel USB/Audio/1394 No PSU so have ordered one - for £35 looks like an excellent case.

Am off tomorrow to work for 2 weeks, so should have all the bits I need for rebuild when I come home. If the new xp3000 cpu is not damaged I will be one very happy guy, and I will try the artic cooler again, and will probably always use one of these special shims from tweakmonster in future click here to protect the cpu from any chance of damage, have just ordered one.

  georgemac 22:06 22 Sep 2004

back up & running, the cpu was OK, so now have xp3000 with 1 GB of ram inside the chieftec case, 68 degC at full load, much the same as my xp2000 but much quieter.

bought the tweakmonster shim but forgot to fit it!

just got to sort out my netgear wireless network now, having problems.

  georgemac 22:07 22 Sep 2004

oh and a sata hard drive as well - very quick

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